Poor Clyde

Poor ol' Clyde has been had it tough the last few weeks. Every now and then he gets a little limp, but is better in a few days. This time round however, the injury seemed to be a lot worse, and he simply couldn't walk on his back leg. After taking him to the vet we discovered that he had torn a ligament in his knee, and so needed it to be replaced, as mending it is just impossible. They did this replacement from some 'white sinue' stuff from his leg. Apparently he will only start using his leg fully in about 3 months.

Poor Bonnie was so very worried about him, this was a sad doggie day!

Since these photos, Clyde's stiches have come out, the bandage is off and everything is looking good. So Martin family, no need to worry about your precious darlyings!

Eden Brenna

Once again blogging has not been on my list of priorities, but I must tell you that between the last post and this one God has done one miracle after the next in our little family. If you have followed my blog closely you would know that I have had a few early miscarriages over the past year - 4 to be exact...well to cut a long story short, God used all of this to bring Glen and I to a point of considering, once again, adoption. We were watching a testimony by Steven Curtis Chapman, about when he adopted his first little girl and God just used it to move us strongly to relook at this whole issue again. Anyway, we found ourselves in the social worker's office on Monday morning the 7th of Feb, and the next Tuesday, the 15th, we were told about a little girl who had been abandoned in a park. Our hearts just grew for her as we kept her in our prayers, and asked God to really lead us in this whole process. On Wednesday morning we were in the hospital waiting to meet 'Unknown' - her 'name' in the hospital. Well...when we saw her, both of us just knew that this was our daughter - given to us by our loving heavenly Father. God opened the way for us to be able to bring her home with us on Friday...so I present to you our new little baby girl...Eden Brenna Thompson...