Beautiful Aydon Jarrod De Beer

My big sister gave birth to her first born on the Tuesday the 18th December 2012. Little Aydon only weighed 2.95kg. He is the sweetest little guy!!
Our prayer is that he will grow up to know and love our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Quick Catchup...again

Silly Amanda...

Silly Rachel...

Rachel with ther play-dough-snow-man.

You know who...

And Byron - Glen's cousin, who gave his heart to the Lord on the 17th of December!!! Praise God Almighty for His amazing grace!!!

Sunday School Christmas Play & End of Year Function

I genuinely can't believe that we are at that time of the year again, this year has literally flown past! Our Sunday School had their annual Christmas play on Sunday followed by their annual Sunday School End of Year function. This year there was no water slide as usual, as the weather didn't permit, but we had a wonderful time of fellowship anyway, and the kiddies got some lovely party packs which Liliana put together for them with SO MUCH LOVE!! Thanks Aunty Lil!!!
A very enthusiastic poplar tree going over his lines for the play

Rachel - a little helper who brought the gift of love to the congregation

Amanda getting her make up done by our famous makeup artist, Rachelle

Eden was supposed to be a gift - but the costume didn't stay on long...neither did Jude's or Connor's or Samuel's

My sister didn't have a role in the play, but she did attend it, and this photo was just to show her preggy belly - almost ready to pop - can't wait!!!

Aunty Liliana handing out party packs

The most handsome little boy in the room - my little Jude, with his first tooth

The second most handsome boy in the room - little Samuel - cutie pie

Year For Life Graduation

On Friday we had our Year For Life graduation service. Dr. Kevin Roy was our speaker, and preached on revival - we were all so blessed and are longing for God to come down and pour out His spirit on South Africa.

Zani was our only full-time student this year, and so she was really lonely, however she received God's guidance as to her future, and has decided to study early childhood development. Alongside this she has learned so much in the courses that she did, and has grown in her understanding of the church - in the few years that I have known her, I have witnessed her growing in leaps and bounds in her love for the church and her love for her Lord, Jesus Christ. I look forward to see what God has planned for her. Well done Zani!

This is a picture of all those who did a course in the Year For Life Programme, all barring two who couldn't make the graduation, so there were 9 members of our church in total who completed a course this year - well done to you all! We encourage all of our members to do a Year For Life Course - we hope to have more next year!

Here are the books/resources used for the different courses:

Church History

Bible Overview

Systematic Theology

Bible Readthrough Plan

Fruity Christmas Tree

For Granny Time this last week, Granny Zan brought along Selby and Kelly to make these fruity Christmas trees. The girls enjoyed 'sticking' their tree together, but I found them rather frustrated (especially Rachel) with not having the end result look the same as the picture. 

I think they all looked lovely, and so Granny Zan has decided to use this tree idea as a centre piece on her table at Christmas time. Practise makes perfect!