One of Eden's favourite things is having an 'iceceeem'. Amanda and Rachel occasionally send her to me to ask for one, because they know that when she says it she just melts my heart and I am so tempted to always say 'yes' - realising their ploy I have become much more careful of giving in to my weakness and in keeping the consumption of cold lollies down to a minimum.
Doesn't she just melt your heart?

Cutie pie!


After much waiting, Rachel's birthday finally arrived...I say this because Rachel always battles that she has to wait soooo long for her birthday to arrive after Amanda's - a whole 18 days!!! I have tried to explain to her that we all wait a whole year for our birthday to come around, but those last 18 days for Rachel are almost unbearable...

Happy Birthday Ray-Ray - may the Lord continue to build into your life and teach you more and more how to be a godly young lady!

Birthday Dinner

This year, for the girl's birthday celebration we decided that they could go to dinner with a friend. So Amanda invited a new friend Kyra, from choir and who also does Tapestry of Grace (the curriculum they are starting next year) and who will be part of the co-op with them next year. Rachel of course invited Leah. So on Saturday they had a huge treat - they went to the hairdresser and had their hair cut and styled and their nails painted (all this was a gift from Debbie in our church - Thank you so much Debbie & Cynthia), and then when the time came they got to dress up in their beautiful dresses and shoes and earrings, which were all gifts from their grannies. To top it off, they all got to have a table to themselves, and we had our own table around the corner out of sight.

From what we could tell the girls all had a ball ordering their own drinks and giggling about whatever they were giggling about all evening...

Thank you to everyone who made this evening so special for our girls!

Redeemer Tree Calendar

We are so excited to finally have finished our Redeemer Tree Calendar. We have been working on this project all year with my mom during 'Granny Time', and finally it is completed. This calendar will be used along with our Redeemer Tree, which we have revamped and made our own from the original 'Jesse Tree'. Glen has put together all the readings for each day, and we have chosen the pictures to be reflected on the tree on each given day...from the 1st of December till Christmas morning. These little pictures will be found each day inside the pockets, with the reading of the day, and will then be hung on our Redeemer Tree. Each day will unfold more of the story of redemption from Creation to Christ's coming to make all things new! Isn't it pretty? We are so excited to have this become our new family tradition at Christmas time, and we hope to inspire more families to make Christmas a more Christ-focused memorable time!

Double digits for Amanda

I can't believe that Amanda is already 10 years old...she is growing very quickly into a beautiful young lady. Her birthday was a reminder to us all that we all have a beginning, and therefore we are not God (who has no beginning) - Amanda is made in the image of God, and so is special to God and to us. She has also been made for God, and so we enjoyed celebrating her purpose in this life - to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. I long to see God's continued work in her life as she grows more and more into the woman God wants her to be!
Amanda woken up with a song and candle-lit birthday cake - I think she was awake secretly for a while though...who looks so happy so early in the morning?

Ponies, Giraffes & Elephants

My dad and Sylvia dropped in the other day to wish Amanda and Rachel a happy birthday - the puzzle and the paintings were part of their gifts. I thought it would be nice for them to see the completed projects.
Icelandic Ponies built by Amanda and Rachel, with a little help from me :-)

Giraffes painted by Rachel

Elephants painted by Amanda

*Please note, the outlines on the paintings were already there, they just had the blessing of mixing the colours and painting them...I think they look beautiful! Well done girls, and thank you Opa and Aunty Sylvia!