Our little girl...all grown up!


Ok, so we aren't really Claire's parents...but have been acting a little like parentals this year - and so it was our priviledge to be askd to join Claire for her matric dance photos before she left for her grand entrance at the school. She looked so beautiful in her mermaid dress - truly out of this world! 
I had to add this photo in, 'cause I said I would...I think Claire was getting kinda tired of smiling and posing....wait till your wedding day Sis!

The beautiful couple

As much as we enjoyed this special occasion with you Claire, it was also a reminder that your time with us is almost over....*sniff* - you are a real joy to us, and we look forward to what God has planned for your future! Our prayer is that you would continue to grow into the woman God has called you to be, and that you would find your greatest joy in fulfilling His calling for your life!

Fear Factor Evening

As per usual the Sunday School hosted a fun evening at church - this time it was the dreaded "Fear Factor". Dreaded mostly by Glen, who was sure to be given pumpkin or something like that to eat. The evening consisted of eating the likes of worms, pigs ears, and raw fish....yuk! Most of the challenges were not as bad as what they looked, and all in all it was a glorious evening of laughs, and thankfully not too many tears...

Glen 'grilling' at the look at some of the things others had to eat...and dreading his turn...

Amanda, up against Rachel, was told that they'd be eating squashed ticks...without using their hands....

There she goes....

Rachel gulped those ticks down and won the challenge

Leah had to eat what was in that nappy....uh oh....

She seemed to quite enjoy it tough!


This pigs head was a challenge for our hosts Jacques and Jason...they were not impressed to have to eat the ears...hairs and all

And here lastly we see Zani, gulfing down two live earthworms...Prince her contender can't believe her zeal! She said she did chew then first, as she didn't want them to be alive in her stomach - - GROSS!!

If you're wondering whether Glen and I participated...well the answer is "Of course!". I won my challenge having to eat a bowl full of pilchards...with the oil...that was vile! And Glen, got an easy one...he had to drink Eno's and give a big burp to win...before his contender, Lisa - but Lisa won the day with a record breaking 'BUUURRRP'. Go Lisa!

Thanks Sunday School for organizing this fun evening...we had a blast, but I do hope we don't have one of those evenings again in a while :-)

Day in the Garden

We decided to have a picnic at the Botanical Gardens today, instead of the usual Monday at home or at a mall...it turned out to be such a wonderful day of relaxing...just what we all needed.

Glen relaxing a little too much

Jude too

Girls relaxing in the new play area


This last Friday we had our monthly Middle Ages Get Together which is always such a wonderful time of sharing and learning and chatting and eating...stuff mid-lifers tend to enjoy! Anyway, this last week we also celebrated Mark's birthday, which Charlotte, Cornel and Ria relaxingly organized. So just before Mark walked in we were told to put on these silly masks, blow on those silly kiddy noise-makers...it was really really silly...haha...anyway, the things we do to make ourselves feel young hey?

This is the birthday boy on your left who turned the ripe young age of 54...and so still has a few more years with us younguns before he moves to the O-60 group :-)

The kiddies always get restricted to the playroom or bedroom during our fellowship time...but as long as they also get some snacks they are happy - kids - so easy to please!

Men Added

Today we were so blessed to see two men passing through the waters of baptism.

Patrick came to salvation at the Easter Friday service this year, and we have seen him growing in leaps and bounds ever since. We are looking forward to see what God is going to do with this faithful servant!

John van Niekerk - what an answer to prayer! Natasha (his eldest daughter) was saved in 2009, then her sister (only sibling) was saved in 2010, then their mom Silvana was saved last year (2011) and we have been praying earnestly for John's salvation for many many months - God heard our prayers and was pleased to begin working in his heart, and has saved this dear brother, and leader of his home - Praise God for saving their whole household! We rejoice with you van Niekerk family and look forward to all God is going to continue doing in and through you!

Jason Walker (Natasha's fiance and John's future son-in-law) praying for John

Patrick with his dear lady Lyndall (who incedently invited him to the Easter Friday service)

11 Years

We have been married for 11 years today. Since we got married we have:

Moved 7 times; been members of 5 churches; been called to 4 ministries; had two biological children; had a vasectomy, and a vasectomy reversal; adopted 2 children; had 5 miscarriages; owned 11 cats and 2 hamsters; had 3 dogs;  owned 4 cars; owned 2 properties; had countless amount of fights with one another and our children...and yet, by God's grace we are more in love today than ever before...for better or worse...till death us do part!

Thank you Father for all the many blessings you have given us in these 11 years - our lives are Yours - Soli Deo Gloria!!!