Pink or Blue?

In reading the latest edition of 'Expectant Mother's Guide' I found an interesting article about an early gendre test which can accurately tell you what the sex of your baby is as early as 8 weeks into your pregnancy. Now, for those of you who know Glen and myself, you will also know that this test really appeals to us. However after more research I realised that it is not yet as readily available as I had thought, but with more research I did track down the people who do these tests, and so will definately consider doing this test once we have been for our first gynae appointment and checked out that everything is okay. The gynae appointment is only at 9 weeks.

I think the way the test works is that they test for the male hormone in your blood. If it's there, it's a boy...if not, it's a girl. In order for the test to work however, you must not have had a baby boy within the last 2 years, or a miscarriage in the last two years, as I suppose that traces of the boy hormone remains in the blood for that period of time.

I did ask if a blighted ovum would make a difference, and the lady I spoke to didn't seem to think it would be a problem, but I will do my homework on that before we decide to do the test.

Just so that you know, we may actually decide not to know at all, but rather to have the excitement on the day of delivery, where the midwife will cry out....'It's a boy!!!...or It's a girl!!!' - however that is most unlikely.

3 in one week

We are super duper blessed at the moment, as we have our third pregnancy announcement in one week, Stacy, Melanie and ME!!! Woohoo!!! Glen and I and the girls are absolutely thrilled and are really hoping that this will be a healthy pregnancy, please pray for us and we will continue to give you updates as we go.

Amanda in all her excitement insisted on taking a photo of me to put on the blog, so here I am, not barefoot, but pregnant in the kitchen!

Babies, Babies

I have been praying and praying that God would give our church new babies, and it just hasn't been happening, but this week we have been soooo blessed with the news of two new little ones on the way. Congratulations to Mike and Stacy who are expecting their first...

...and to Jay-Jay and Melanie who have their second one on the way.

Praise God for His answer to prayer and for His blessing in all of our lives! I am so excited to meet these two new little people and so will be praying for them much!

Art Fun

Rachel is doing well with her art and is really producing some beautiful pictures. Even though they are not drawn from scratch she is learning some lovely techniques which give a really impressive result. I really think that she has a lot of talent and look forward to see it developed even further under Stacy's excellent guidance.

Beverly the bearded gran

Just for an extra laugh, here is Beverly the bearded gran who was the post'man' for the Holiday Bible Club this year. Sorry about the picture being on its side - I am tooo dofff!!



It is fast becoming my blog tradition to capture each baptim that we have here at KBC, and so while these pictures may become old hat to some of you, let me just say that we rejoice over every single person who goes through these waters. Yesterday we were thrilled to witness a father and daughter 'couple' make their visual proclamation of their faith. We pray that Mike and Ingrid, who also happen to be our neighbours from accross the street, would continue to grow in their faith and that they would bare much fruit for God's kingdom.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Quick catchup

Okay, for those of you who have been patiently waiting for me to actually do something on this blog, here is a quick catch up...sorry it has taken so long to update the blog, again, no it goes...

This picture was taken on Monday, while Glen and Emiel were playing table-tennis in the garage, we were privileged to have all three animals in the same space, Bonnie being so very kind to even share her basket with Sugar - even though they don't look too interested in the game, they really all enjoying being where we are, so they might be looking really bored, but inside they are leaping for joy :-)

Last week the church had their annual Holiday Bible Club, and this year was a wonderful success! Our kids had a wonderful time learning more about Jesus, and made a few new friends. Well done to all the leaders for doing such a great job with the kids, I am sure that none of them will want to miss next year! There was a special guest at this year's HBC, the postman, who's identity to this day remains a mystery...let me know if you recognise him...or her....

Rachel has started art lessons, and this picture is one of my favourites...and even Glen's, to his absolute horror...
...and Amanda has started official piano lessons, and will start with her flute lessons with the beginning of the new term. She has already started figuring out some pieces on it though, she just can't leave it alone - she's in love...and so am I!

No more exciting news really...just that we are back to school again, so even though it was a short holiday for the girls, we made sure they had a good break with lots of fun and friends and it's back to the hard work! Hope to keep up the blog - for those of you who know me, keep bugging me and I'll be sure to do something about it! Bye for now!!!