Unit Celebration

At last - our first Unit Celebration! We decided to have our feast at the Emmerentia Dam - which turned out to be such a perfect setting for our event. You might be able to recognize a few Medieval characters, such as Robin Hood, Little John, and King Arthur...

The girls looked beautiful in their long dresses and garlands. Among them we have Maid Marion and Empress Theodora...


Who can spot the joker?
 Rachel gave a speech on 'Living in a Viking family',

and Amanda told us all about Marco Polo and his exciting adventures.

The other kids also gave speeches on various Middle Ages topics, played musical items and played games...and we all enjoyed wonderful fellowship and fun together! I can't wait for the next unit celebration - who thought learning could be so much fun?

Unit Celebration Preparation

We were all hard at work towards the end of last week readying ourselves for our Unit Celebration - A Medieval Feast! Part of the fun was making decorations, costumes, preparing items to show and then preparing and presenting the food! Crazy as it may sound, I decided to add a roasted pig's head as a table decoration, but these things you have to do yourself, and so what started out as a nice idea, was actually quite a stomach-turning experience. Thankfully Glen bought the head, Rachel cleaned it, Amanda basted it, and all that was left for me to do was get all the praise for making it :-) Well, I did still have to watch it being cooked and make sure that it was nice and crisp and looked it's best!

Even though it was quite gruesome, it did make in interesting conversation piece, and a few people did kiss it's crispy snout! What fun it was indeed!!!