Baptismal Service

Yesterday morning the girls helped Aunty Suzie with this arrangement seen below, they really enjoyed putting it together and learning from a pro. Aunty Suzie told me this morning how she enjoyed teaching them, and how they were such good pupils - she also said that she would love to teach them how to arrange their own bouquets in the future - I of course am so keen for them to learn what I am totally hopeless at - thank you Aunty Suzie for your creativity and your gift to the church.

Val Botha, Jacques Botha's mom was baptised this morning,

...along with Koketso....

and Abigail.

We were blessed with a wonderful sermon on Acts chapter 2, where Glen expounded to us from the Scriptures all about the last Pentecost - what a wonderful portion of the Bible, which ties to so much of the Old Testament - there is much for us all to go and meditate on and be blessed by as we continue to search the Scriptures.

We are blessed to have these three sisters as part of us, and pray that God would continue to mould them and shape them into His likeness!

Opa & Eden

My 'Papa' came to visit me last night, just for a belated birthday kiss and coffee - I also scored some delicious Lindt chocolates out of the visit, and he scored a taste of my freshly baked French bread, which I must confess I didn't bake, the credit for that goes to my new bread machine - marvelous invention!

It was a lovely evening of listening to our new song for Eden, showing him some recent pics, and talking about some old records he is currently getting loaded onto his computer. Even though Eden was a little miserable and hungry, she did manage to give him a smile and some cuddles.

All in all a lovely visit - and yes, Eden is getting big soooo quickly! Don't miss out!

What makes me glad

Colorful flowers are my inspiration;

What a gorgeous part of all God's creation!

They are sweet smelling; what a lovely scent;

I would rather gather flowers than read in my tent!

Their colors are so very pretty;

And them that hate them I greatly pity!

Oh, what a lovely creation;

Flowers are my inspiration!

by Amanda Thompson

Amanda's Take

Amanda was enjoying taking some pics today, while we were fellowshipping with the Grobler family and Duncan - who is a good friend of Glen's from many years back and has recently moved to Krugersdorp. We are blessed to have him fellowship with us at KBC, and we pray that God will bless him here as He has us, and that he would in turn be a blessing to us here.

As you can see from the next to pics, Duncan is really enjoying being here with us...

That's all from me...over and out!

"Skabenga-Bacon" visit

The Cunningham family, AKA Skabenga-Bacon family visited us last weekend. It was wonderful to see them again after a whole 2 years! These two years were evidenced by taller kids, and well, older parents - now that Malcolm has been in the ministry for 2 years, you can really see those serious adult lines starting to show...only kidding! Jacqui, of course, looks wonderful, and is still loving being a stay home, home-school mom and of course pastor's wife!

It was great having them in every way - the kids played beautifully together - Malcolm preached at KBC on Sunday morning, and Jacqui and I just chatted about all sorts of things.

It really was a super visit - we look very forward to seeing this beautiful family again! Thanks guys for a lovely weekend!!!