Prince Charming

Yesterday we celebrated a wonderful occasion...a good friend of mine found her prince. The evening was truly romantic, what fairy tales are made of, except that this is no fairy tale, and the prince was no taod...

(I found this little guy on our driveway last night - isn't he cute?)...anyway, more about the mystery couple in future posts.

Praise the Lord!

This was such a special moment...Glen was playing guitar and Sugar, as you can see was playing with...such a special kitty!

You may be wondering why I have a picture of a window on the blog today, well the reason is that I just want to praise the Lord for His protection over Amanda and Rachel yesterday. Both of them bumped into their bedroom's never happened before, but yesterday it happened twice - Amanda accidently rolled off her bed in the afternoon while she was drawing on her bed - she bumped her back, and the window cracked, but other than that she wasn't hurt. Then last night we had put the girls to bed, and Glen and I sat down to watch a movie, when we heard a bump sound and Rachel crying...we ran to find out what had happened. Rachel had climbed into Amanda's bed and somehow fell out of the bed into the already cracked window...we just praise the Lord that she didn't fall through it, and also that the pane of glass didn't fall on her seriously injuring her...she also has a bruised back, but thankfully she is also okay. When we looked at the window we were just blown away at God's mighty hand in their lives - thank you Father!


Last night we enjoyed another young adults evening together...this time we had a dress-up mafiosa evening. In my opinion...Glen was the most convincing fact I quite like this look...

Mike and Stacey were definately the couple of the evening.

Don't they just look the part?

Lluanda just looked too cool for words...

and here Jacques just had the whole mafia image whacked...

As you can see we all took the game very seriously - thankfully no one was actually killed or assisinated...all in all another successful get together - thanks Rachelle for organizing!


I am officially baby googly!!! I can't believe myself, every time I see a baby I just want to hold and cuttle and kiss and!
On Thursday night we had some friends from Polokwane (well actually they live in Potties now) come over for supper. Marius, Astrella and little Anika were such a blessing to see. We hadn't met Anika yet, but I must tell you that she is one adorable little girl. It's wonderful when you have seen a baby cry and smile and all that it does, and still feel like having more kids when the evening is done. They are really doing a great job raising her, and we just pray that the Lord would bless her and call her to Himself. By the way, I will be watching that space for more kiddies!!!

Earlier on Thursday, the girls were so busy in their room, rearranging it as a surprise. This is what I found...

I don't know how they had the strength to move their room around and put the one mattress on top of the other...but anyway, they wanted a stage...which obviously we couldn't allow them to keep, but the beds have stayed like that, and every day since then I have said that we should put the room back like it was, but honestly haven't found the energy to do so...
We say 'boys will be boys'...but what do we say for girls?

Poor Steve...

Let me introduce you to Steve. He is going to be living with us for a little while. He is also one of the young men who will be doing YFL (Year For Life) next year. We are so excited about what God is doing with YFL, so far there are four young men who are going to be part of this new venture. I am so excited for them and excited to see what God is going to do in their lives. My one concern is whether Steve is going to handle living with our crazy family....

Just in case you thought that my life was at all normal!

Cutie Pie

Don't worry guys...this phase will end...I just had to show you how cute Sugar is...he is really bringing the whole family so much joy!!

I could watch him play for hours...

I bet he's thinking..."If only Bonnie and Clyde weren't so big...I'd...and I'd...."

The voyage that shook the world

Last night we had an evening of exploring the life of Darwin through this documentary put together by Creation Ministries. We were very fortunate to have representatives from a few churches who joined us for a bring and share supper followed by this 'movie'. Dr. Kevin Roy, the pastor of Muldersdrift Union Church really led the evening and answered the questions comment I really liked in the beginning was that him and 'Professor' Thompsons would answer questions at the end...Glen being a professor because he professes to be a christian...

...I like that kind of humour...anyway, it was a great evening and very interesting to understand a little bit about Darwin and his background, and also where he made his mistakes...I am convinced that if he lived today he would have very different ideas, and most certainly different conclusions. So again, I am affirmed in my faith in the Word of God and in the only true Creator - Jehovah - the One and Only Living God!

Little and Lazy

Blogging has been slow since the wedding in Polokwane...I think that I just need to get back into the swing of things, it's amazing how quickly we can drop the ball...anyway, yesterday was a good day, from homeschooling, right through to a good relaxing evening with Brian and Judy Stone. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of them as the batteries were flat on the of those things that I had dropped the ball on...anyway, we enjoyed good fellowship with them sharing all our joys in the ministry here at Krugersdorp. Earlier in the day the girls did some more of their tapestry with Granny Zan, which they really do enjoy, even though they get tired of it pretty quickly. Rachel tires easier than Amanda, and so she ended up reading a book to us while Amanda enjoyed doing some of Rachel's tapestry as a blessing...Sugar slept most of the time as little babies do...

Sugar was not the only one sleeping...this is a typical scene in our home...the dogs enjoying the cool tiles, with the fan blowing above them...they don't sleep because they're little...they sleep because they're's a dog's life!

A time of bonding...

Sweet Sugar

Meet the new addition to our family...this is Sugar. He is a Siamese cross, 6 week old little boy kitten. He has the sweetest nature, and the bluest eyes...he just stole our hearts at the pet store yesterday, I couldn't leave him behind. He is just the sweetest thing...hence his name - Sugar. We diligently took him to the vet yesterday after his first bath, which he desperately needed, but really did not enjoy, for his first injection and to be dewormed...Oh and with regards to Bonnie and Clyde, they are getting on fabulously! I don't really think that they know what the heck this little ball of fluff is, but they are very interested in him, and he sure does keep them on their toes, which is a good thing. I really hope that they will become good friends.

So, the Lord has yet again added to our household in a way we didn't expect.


Proof that I got my camera back - thanks to Nicki, who organized us to fetch it at his daughter Leighton's house...thanks so much!!!

The three stooges...

Nikki's proud brother Andy...

The three stooginas....just kidding - the beautiful matron of honor and brides maides, Kea, Leighton and Lebo (also commonly known as Crazy Lebo).

I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Pretorius!!!
A beautiful wedding for the beautiful couple - Praise Jesus - our true Bridegroom!!!

One of those days...

Today has not been a day to write home about...or for that matter to write on the blog about...I know that the posts are supposed to be a blessing to readers, and just the good stuff really, well, today, I haven't had much good to write about. The girls have been impossible, I have been moody, and have been wondering why it is that I am home-schooling again...I have these days more often than I thought I would - but I must tell you that there is light at the end of the tunnel for usual I off-loaded on Glen, and he helped me to see God's hand in all of this, and that perseverance is the way to go - so that's exactly what I am going to do, endure the present sufferings for the joy that is to come. I do praise the Lord for allowing me to see some fruit every now and then, just enough to make me not want to give up on this mammoth task!

So there, another sanctifying day in the Thompson household!

Digital scrapbooking

Seen as though I don't have any pictures of our happenings this week, I thought I would take the opportunity to add some scrapbooking pages I did a long time back, when I was just introduced to digital scrapbooking - I haven't really progressed much since then as I didn't ever really get into it, but I saw them on the computer the other day and thought it would be nice to share with you...enjoy!

Wedding bells

Glen and I went to Polokwane this weekend for Nikki Mullin and Gabriel Pretorius' wedding. The Mullins are really good friends of ours from our CBC days a few years back. The wedding was really beautiful, although I think I cried more than Nikki's folks...that's me, far too emotional, I don't know how I am going to handle my own daughter's weddings. Anyway, after the wedding we stayed up with the Mullins until two the next morning, just chatting and enjoying their company. On Sunday we went to church, and then we went to the pastor's house (Nicky Coertze) for lunch....this is where the bad news comes in - I left my camera there!!!! So I am afraid that I don't have any photos to share with you, I'll add them in when I get it back. So if you don't see any posts from me for a while, know it's because I don't have any pictures.

The girls stayed with the Gilberts, and they were so amazingly blessed - they did some scrapbooking, they went to movies, they had their nails painted, and their hair curled - so it was really a pamper party for them - Thanks again guys for taking such good care of them.

That's all from me - over and out


Little Rogan got a new guitar today, so Melanie and Jay-Jay brought it over to show Glen and ask him to tune it up for him...I must say that I have never seen a more excited 3 year old!! Rogan really makes out for Glen, and I think that he thinks Glen is really cool!!!

Here they are having a jam together...Rogan definately has the groove...a natural!

Friends and Family

This is Chocolate, her sister Zeni and her have been coming over to play every day this week as they are still on their school holidays. Obviously the girls have been having a ball with them in their school gaps.

Grandpa Mike and Sherilee-ann (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) came for a short visit today. At the same time, my mom happened to pop in to drop some medicine off for me as my hip is giving me problems lately, and my mom is just fulfilling her mommyness, if you know what I mean...anyway, we had McDonalds for lunch, which always makes for an easy meal...thanks Dad!

No Glen?

We had another young adults get together on Wednesday, which also happened to be Glen's birthday...would you believe it, I didn't even get one picture of the birthday boy...what kind of a wife am I?
Anyway, we had a good relaxing afternoon braai, just the kind of thing we like to do!

This is Nathan, who's dad Royden was nervous of my camera, and so found it really convenient to hide behind the baby...


Stacey, getting broody???

I am sure that the trampoline is only made to handle 120kg...well, at one stage we had all the guys jumping on it...dangerous - but boys will be boys, I don't get involved!