Little and Lazy

Blogging has been slow since the wedding in Polokwane...I think that I just need to get back into the swing of things, it's amazing how quickly we can drop the ball...anyway, yesterday was a good day, from homeschooling, right through to a good relaxing evening with Brian and Judy Stone. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of them as the batteries were flat on the of those things that I had dropped the ball on...anyway, we enjoyed good fellowship with them sharing all our joys in the ministry here at Krugersdorp. Earlier in the day the girls did some more of their tapestry with Granny Zan, which they really do enjoy, even though they get tired of it pretty quickly. Rachel tires easier than Amanda, and so she ended up reading a book to us while Amanda enjoyed doing some of Rachel's tapestry as a blessing...Sugar slept most of the time as little babies do...

Sugar was not the only one sleeping...this is a typical scene in our home...the dogs enjoying the cool tiles, with the fan blowing above them...they don't sleep because they're little...they sleep because they're's a dog's life!


A time of bonding...


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