I am officially baby googly!!! I can't believe myself, every time I see a baby I just want to hold and cuttle and kiss and!
On Thursday night we had some friends from Polokwane (well actually they live in Potties now) come over for supper. Marius, Astrella and little Anika were such a blessing to see. We hadn't met Anika yet, but I must tell you that she is one adorable little girl. It's wonderful when you have seen a baby cry and smile and all that it does, and still feel like having more kids when the evening is done. They are really doing a great job raising her, and we just pray that the Lord would bless her and call her to Himself. By the way, I will be watching that space for more kiddies!!!

Earlier on Thursday, the girls were so busy in their room, rearranging it as a surprise. This is what I found...

I don't know how they had the strength to move their room around and put the one mattress on top of the other...but anyway, they wanted a stage...which obviously we couldn't allow them to keep, but the beds have stayed like that, and every day since then I have said that we should put the room back like it was, but honestly haven't found the energy to do so...
We say 'boys will be boys'...but what do we say for girls?


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