Busy Week

With Jude finally home, things have calmed down a lot, even though life with a new baby in the home is always challenging. The ladies at the church have been such a blessing and have provided meals every evening. This has given us time to all get used to the new schedules and demands. All in all, however this week with Jude has been an absolute blessing - he is a really good baby, and hardly complains - he perfectly slotted into his routine and so my life hasn't taken a huge bump - thanks to the amazing grace of God, who has provided everything I need to still cope with the other kiddies...

Here are some pics of his first bath and him meeting a few people...

Opa (my dad) came to visit him on Saturday morning...

Gladys (Glen's mom's helper, who saw Glen grow up) met little Jude on Monday at him mom's house...

Also, Mrs. Abrahamse (Amanda is named after this precious woman of God - a spiritual mom to Glen) came to visit little Jude on Monday night, also at Glen's mom's house...we were visiting there for our weekend off.

Thank you Father for the many blessings you have poured onto our family - surely You are worthy of all our praise and adoration! We love you LORD!

Home at last...

After many prayers and tears and days we were finally able to take our little boy home. What a relief to have him sleeping in his own crib, in his own clothes, in his own home with his own family...where he belongs!

Amanda, Rachel and Eden were all so blessed to finally meet their little brother...in fact the whole church has been waiting and praying with us, and so have also been so excited to finally meet him. Thank you Church Family, and other family and friends further away who have been praying for us - God has heard your prayers and has blessed us with this little gem.

Eden & Jude

Can you see the resemblance?

Jude William Hendriksen Thompson

Over the past few weeks God again has done another miracle in our hearts regarding adoption. We wanted another little girl to be a friend for Eden. Then God convicted me about still wanting to be in control of my own life and now dictating to Him that I want a girl...and that's that! I eventually submitted to Him and told Him that I would be happy if He wanted us to have a boy instead. When I spoke to Glen about it, his heart was still very much wanting a girl - and I knew that God would work through Glen's leadership, and so waited to see what God would do. To cut a very long story short, when we found out about this little boy in the hospital, just like that God changed Glen's heart and we knew that this little boy was ours! Over the past two weeks we have been waiting to actually meet him at the hospital. After interviews with the social worker and a vast pile of documentation that needed to be filled out and handed in, plus fingerprints and even a visit to the children's court, we were eventually able to go and see him yesterday afternoon. The experience is really indescribable. Every other baby is just another baby...but your baby...is obviously the most beautiful and there is just a miracle connection that I cannot explain, but which is very real and tangible indeed! Glen became a ball of emotional mush when he held his little boy in his arms!

We are now waiting to be assigned the place of safety, which we are praying will happen on Friday. The birth certificate is needed for this to happen and that will only be ready on Friday...so we are really praying that he will not have to stay at the hospital over the weekend!

Thank you again to everyone who has been praying for us - your love and encouragement to us has been so wonderful, and I know already that our little boy is not only loved by us, but by our family and church family as well! His name is Jude William Hendriksen Thompson - which means, Praise God for this Mighty Warrior and Ruler of the Home! Jude, we love you so much, and can't wait to have you here, where you belong!

Easter Sunday

Glen preached an excellent sermon (as always) on the evidence that demands a verdict regarding the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It was a thrilling service, wither everyone's attention glued to Glen's almost acting out the scenes...very riviting.  We spent Easter Sunday with two lovely ladies, Mia and Amy, who joined us for a lovely braai. The girls enjoyed the company of Amy very much and later in the afternoon decorated her head as seen below. She surprisingly didn't mind and even posed for numerous photos...very sweet. We look forward to many more afternoons of fellowship with them as they filled the time with asking questions. Mia said..."It's the first time I've been to a braai with my Bible!"

What a breath of fresh air, and such a joy to be with two ladies who are so on fire for Jesus! Praise the Lord for the new birth...and that we are crucifed with Christ and risen with Him to glory!

First Baptism of the year

This last Sunday we had our first baptismal service of the year. We had three candidates: Zeny, Kevin and Tinyiko. 



Prayer for candidates - JJ prayed for Kevin, Chocolate prayed for her sister Zeny, and I (Antje) prayed for Tinyiko on the far right.

Tinyiko - excited

Zeny - blessed


Beautiful Princess Eden, with Pumlani teasing her behind her back...shame!
I love baptismal services...they remind me of my own commitment to Christ, and that He has made me a new creation. I have been born again - thanks be to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Oh, what peace to know that my sins have been paid for...and that I can now walk in newness of life - with the sure hope of eternal life with my Heavenly Father! Thank you Jesus!!