Jude William Hendriksen Thompson

Over the past few weeks God again has done another miracle in our hearts regarding adoption. We wanted another little girl to be a friend for Eden. Then God convicted me about still wanting to be in control of my own life and now dictating to Him that I want a girl...and that's that! I eventually submitted to Him and told Him that I would be happy if He wanted us to have a boy instead. When I spoke to Glen about it, his heart was still very much wanting a girl - and I knew that God would work through Glen's leadership, and so waited to see what God would do. To cut a very long story short, when we found out about this little boy in the hospital, just like that God changed Glen's heart and we knew that this little boy was ours! Over the past two weeks we have been waiting to actually meet him at the hospital. After interviews with the social worker and a vast pile of documentation that needed to be filled out and handed in, plus fingerprints and even a visit to the children's court, we were eventually able to go and see him yesterday afternoon. The experience is really indescribable. Every other baby is just another baby...but your baby...is obviously the most beautiful and there is just a miracle connection that I cannot explain, but which is very real and tangible indeed! Glen became a ball of emotional mush when he held his little boy in his arms!

We are now waiting to be assigned the place of safety, which we are praying will happen on Friday. The birth certificate is needed for this to happen and that will only be ready on Friday...so we are really praying that he will not have to stay at the hospital over the weekend!

Thank you again to everyone who has been praying for us - your love and encouragement to us has been so wonderful, and I know already that our little boy is not only loved by us, but by our family and church family as well! His name is Jude William Hendriksen Thompson - which means, Praise God for this Mighty Warrior and Ruler of the Home! Jude, we love you so much, and can't wait to have you here, where you belong!


Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Wow guys, this is incredible - praise the Lord!!! This is so exciting, hope you have your precious son home with you real soon. He is beautiful!

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