Thank you Father!

We were so blessed this morning with another baptismal service. It is so wonderful to see the Lord add you our number those who are being saved. I was just so blessed when I saw these pictures on the faces of Jodi and Zani as they were coming up out of the water.

The children were really interested at what was actually happening, and asked questions, which Glen graciously just felt like a wonderful family service. I praise God for Krugersdorp Baptist Church!

Bonsai baby

On Saturday last week, when I got home from the hospital after the D&C, my sisters and my mom came to visit me. They flooded me with their love and concern. My younger sister Geraldine blessed me with this little Bonsai tree.

After a little more thought about the gift over the past week, I have realised that the gift is really a wonderful 'memorial' if you like of my little baby that was never got very big...just like this from now on I will remember when I look at this little tree, my little Bonsai baby....I know it sounds cheesy, but it has been a nice thought anyway.

We have really been so blessed through this trial, with so much love and care from our physical and spiritual families, and I just really want to praise the Lord for all the blessings He has given us in our lives. We truly are blessed beyond what we could ever abundance and in need.

Back to school - is cool?

Finally, we have hit the books again. As much as I was trying to get excited and get the girls excited for school again, I must say that I was really dreading starting up again. Don't get me wrong, I love schooling, it's just the thought of having to train the girls again into concentrating and focusing that has been hanging over my head like a dark cloud. Shame...the girls had a tough day today, they were so out of the working environment, that it was a bit of a struggle, but we focussed on heart matters, and at the end of the day they were ready to try harder tomorrow...we'll see how that goes.

On the home front, not the home-school front, things are also on the up again. We have been so out of routine, that everything just goes for a loop. Family worship was wonderful, and we as a family really felt refreshed by the Lord - especially Rachel, she was so emotional about God's amazing attributes, just thinking about the fact that God saw all of His creation all of the time had her almost in tears with was wonderful to see!

The girls have once again started praying for another baby, and included in their prayers were prayers of heart-felt requests for God to make them godly girls who would teach their new sibling the ways of the Lord - GOD IS SO GOOD!!! It is wonderful how after such a dry season God gives His showers of blessing!

Blighted Ovum

Yesterday we arrived back home from a wonderful holiday at Magalies Park, where we had some wonderful family time, and all in all just a whole lot of relaxing. Our holiday ended, sadly, and we started out back home with a rocky beginning to this year of ministry...this time, in our own family. Soon after I arrived home, I suspected that I was beginnig to have a miscarriage, and as it progressed throughout the afternoon I ended up in the hospital for the necessary check ups etc. The gynae did the check and found out that I had a blighted ovum.

What is a blighted ovum?
A blighted ovum (also known as “anembryonic pregnancy”) happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop. Cells develop to form the pregnancy sac, but not the embryo itself. A blighted ovum usually occurs within the first trimester before a woman knows she is pregnant. A high level of chromosome abnormalities usually causes a woman’s body to naturally miscarry.

In my case all the pregnancy symptoms were there but as I was hitting close to the end of my 9th week, the symptoms started to disappear and the miscarriage followed.

I must say that when the gynae did the scan it was a relief not to have to see a baby without a heartbeat or something like that, just an empty black hole really, as the baby had not developed as it should have.

We thank the Lord for His amazing grace to us in so many ways, and we are thankful that He is sovereignly in control of everything, and we are still hopeful that we will be able to fall pregnant again in the next few months.

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to lift us up in your prayers - not just for another baby, but also for this year of ministry awaiting us.

Lynn the hairdresser

Not much news from my side, just chilling out, enjoying not having to do anything, just being on holiday is what I have been craving for a long time.

A few days ago the girls got chewing gum stuck in their hair, and thought it a good idea to cut it out...of course the evidence was clearly seen as their hair was a dead give-away. Anyway, Lynn kindly offered to cut their hair to neaten it up - I must say that I was quite impressed with her skills, and have picked up a few tips for my next attempt.

In case you were wondering about those scissors...they are my sewing scissors, the only one's in the house which would be sharp enough to do a good job!

Braais & Boeps

Yesterday was an absolutely fabulous day! As you might know, we have the Clevely's staying with us for a whole week! All I can say is that we are all having a great time. For the most part the kids are getting on really really well, which I did expect, but is still a relief - for some reason they are pairing off often, either Amanda and Caleb, Rachel and Aaron, or Amanda and Aaron, Rachel and Caleb. Hopefully they keep building on their friendship over this week so that when they are in NZ they will enjoy sending letters to each other to continue their ties.

As for won't be surprised to see Glen and Nick fooling around like usual...Craig this one is just for you!!! Don't you just miss them??

Lynn also had her camera out, as she has become quite the photographer, can't wait to see the pics she got!

This one is for free - focus on the ears! He could be the only one in the world who can do this one!

We are really excited for their move to NZ to start their new ministry, but not that excited to have to say goodbye to them again in a few days...for now though, we'll just keep enjoying each other!

Quick catch up

Hello again to all my blogger followers, I must begin again by apologizing for not blogging for soooo long, as the common excuse goes...'Things have been hectic' yet again! I just downloaded the photos that I still had on my camera, and decided that it would be good to just give you a quick catch up...hopefully I will get back into the swing of things.

So, here are Amanda and Rachel on Christmas day...looking (in my opionion) just lovely. In the background was our fist attempt at a Jesse Tree, which we will put a whole lot more effort into next year. Thanks for those people like Belinda who has been an inspiration in this way of celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

We have started a hopefully annual tradition this year of having an open home on Christmas day where anyone is welcome to join us. This year we had 6 guests from our church, who would have spent Christmas alone anotherwise, and so we felt really blessed to have them in our home and to spend this special time of the year with our spiritual family in Christ. We had wonderful fellowship, lots of food, and it was all in all a really lovely Christmas day.

Here we are at the Grace Minister's conference, which we attended last week from Monday to Wednesday. This was such a refreshing time of much grappling, and sitting under the Word. The speaker which was a real highlight to us in particular, even though they were all a blessing, was Steven Reece from England. His ministry really fed us and gave us much to think about...really Christ glorifying - wonderful! In the picture below you might recognize Tim Cantrell on the left. Then Tyrell Haag, from Constantia Park and his new wife Ainsley next to him.
Below, Michelle Cantrell in the middle, with their new addition, Zeke, and also a couple from their church who have also recently adopted a little girl.
I just want to once again praise the Lord for the gift of His Son to this lost world, and for the priviledge of being part of His family, and for the love that we share in Christ.

Please continue to pray for our little one, and know that I will keep you posted as to his/her development.