Blighted Ovum

Yesterday we arrived back home from a wonderful holiday at Magalies Park, where we had some wonderful family time, and all in all just a whole lot of relaxing. Our holiday ended, sadly, and we started out back home with a rocky beginning to this year of ministry...this time, in our own family. Soon after I arrived home, I suspected that I was beginnig to have a miscarriage, and as it progressed throughout the afternoon I ended up in the hospital for the necessary check ups etc. The gynae did the check and found out that I had a blighted ovum.

What is a blighted ovum?
A blighted ovum (also known as “anembryonic pregnancy”) happens when a fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall, but the embryo does not develop. Cells develop to form the pregnancy sac, but not the embryo itself. A blighted ovum usually occurs within the first trimester before a woman knows she is pregnant. A high level of chromosome abnormalities usually causes a woman’s body to naturally miscarry.

In my case all the pregnancy symptoms were there but as I was hitting close to the end of my 9th week, the symptoms started to disappear and the miscarriage followed.

I must say that when the gynae did the scan it was a relief not to have to see a baby without a heartbeat or something like that, just an empty black hole really, as the baby had not developed as it should have.

We thank the Lord for His amazing grace to us in so many ways, and we are thankful that He is sovereignly in control of everything, and we are still hopeful that we will be able to fall pregnant again in the next few months.

Thank you for your prayers, and please continue to lift us up in your prayers - not just for another baby, but also for this year of ministry awaiting us.


Buckland said...

I am so very sorry to hear this. You are in my prayers.

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