Quick catch up

Hello again to all my blogger followers, I must begin again by apologizing for not blogging for soooo long, as the common excuse goes...'Things have been hectic' yet again! I just downloaded the photos that I still had on my camera, and decided that it would be good to just give you a quick catch up...hopefully I will get back into the swing of things.

So, here are Amanda and Rachel on Christmas day...looking (in my opionion) just lovely. In the background was our fist attempt at a Jesse Tree, which we will put a whole lot more effort into next year. Thanks for those people like Belinda who has been an inspiration in this way of celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

We have started a hopefully annual tradition this year of having an open home on Christmas day where anyone is welcome to join us. This year we had 6 guests from our church, who would have spent Christmas alone anotherwise, and so we felt really blessed to have them in our home and to spend this special time of the year with our spiritual family in Christ. We had wonderful fellowship, lots of food, and it was all in all a really lovely Christmas day.

Here we are at the Grace Minister's conference, which we attended last week from Monday to Wednesday. This was such a refreshing time of much grappling, and sitting under the Word. The speaker which was a real highlight to us in particular, even though they were all a blessing, was Steven Reece from England. His ministry really fed us and gave us much to think about...really Christ glorifying - wonderful! In the picture below you might recognize Tim Cantrell on the left. Then Tyrell Haag, from Constantia Park and his new wife Ainsley next to him.
Below, Michelle Cantrell in the middle, with their new addition, Zeke, and also a couple from their church who have also recently adopted a little girl.
I just want to once again praise the Lord for the gift of His Son to this lost world, and for the priviledge of being part of His family, and for the love that we share in Christ.

Please continue to pray for our little one, and know that I will keep you posted as to his/her development.


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