Day Off

Monday was spent at home doing a lot of nothing - great for a day off! Not much more to say than that to say! This week has been really busy, and so we look forward to our next day off, where we will hopefully be doing a lot more of 'nothing'!

The pictures of the doggies are especially for their real owners in Oz who miss them desperately. Hopefully this will motivate an earlier visit?!?

Jason's 21st

Jason - one of our student pastors - celebrated his 21st on Saturday. The theme -Mafiosa. I had the job of dressing up the girls, with whatever I could find to make them look vaguely mafiosa'ish'. This is what we came up with - of course the girls were thrilled, espcially with the red lipstick! The evening was beautifully organized by Jason's new fiance Natasha, and everything was decorated around the gambling mafiosa theme.

I dressed Eden in red, white and black, and she just fit in so nicely with the decor...

Introducing Zani, our Year For Life student this year!

...and Candice, Natasha's sister and Jason's future sister-in-law - All dressed up for the occasion!

Here is the birthday 'boy' with his bride to be!

I didn't actually have a taste of the mocca cake (I think that's what it was) but it looked great - I did however try Vince's dessert, which you can see beautifully presented on either side - that was delicious!

Here are some snaps from Glen's phone: Rachelle letting Eden play with her jewelery... trying to get Eden to smile for the camera...

Here are Vince and Claire - Eden's babysitters when we go on our date night as well as the photographer for the better photos in this post. Thanks Vince also for the good job that you did with the catering - we had a fantastic evening and thanks to both of you for the other beautiful photos that aren't on the post!

P.S. Claire is staying with us this year for her matric year - we are very blessed to have her in our home, as she is such a good example to our girls and a real joy to have around.

Spur Fun

Last week Monday we were blessed to be able to go to Spur for lunch. The girls enjoyed Spur's new airplane, and Eden enjoyed special time with her Daddy. All these pictures were taken with Glen's new phone, so the quality is not that great, espcially when you zoom in - but it was great having a camera when our actual camera was left at home. Modern technology is such a blessing!

Our little princess is 1!

Can you believe that it has been a whole year since our little Eden was born! We celebrated her birth on Saturday with a teddy bear parTEA. We had an invasion of teddies hanging from the trees. The adults entertained themselves playing netball of sorts, while others just spectated, eating cake and drinking tea. Kids played in the sandpit, on the jungle gym, on the trampoline, etc. etc. We had balloons, party packs, cake, cupcakes, tarts....exhausting! Eden was showed with love and gifts and sweets from every side. I hope she felt special, because that is exactly what she is!

Thank you Father for our precious little Eden! What a wonderful gift she has been to us, we cherish her and love her, and promise to continue bringing her up in the way of the LORD! We pray that you would save her and that she would serve you with all of her heart for all of her days!

Horse Riding

I'll keep this short and sweet - the girls started horse riding last week. All other extra murals have been cancelled - I am now teaching Amanda piano and flute, and Rachel piano and recorder. They are absolutely thrilled and loved their first lesson! I think this one's going to stick!!!

Andall Things Nice

As you might know, we had two cats - Sugar and Spice. Spice had kittens, which we were going to call Andall, Things, and Nice. We were also going to get rid of them...but as you can see they have made themselves very much at home. We are keeping them...crazy hey? Well, for those who know us, crazy is our style - anyway, we have changed their names to, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Pepper. So now we have five cats!!! And that's the end of the story.

Scottsville & Magaliespark Holiday

January has been a lovely month for us as a family. We were blessed to go down to Pietermaritzburg for Mike's induction (where Glen was asked to preach). It was wonderful to see how they are settling down as a family into a new home, new city, new church...which we found to be really lovely. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of our time down there, so I will have to add some in when Stacey sends some to me (hint for Stacey ;-))

After we got back, we got ready to go on our family holiday at Magaliespark. Glen's mom generously let us use her timeshare again, so we were blessed to be away for another whole week. It was fabulous. The girls rode their bikes, went on 'sissy walks' and swam....A LOT! We played lots of board games and braai'ed almost every day! We had a really relaxing time, and got our hearts ready for the busy year ahead! We thank God for this opportunity to recoup, and get our hearts refreshed!