Our little princess is 1!

Can you believe that it has been a whole year since our little Eden was born! We celebrated her birth on Saturday with a teddy bear parTEA. We had an invasion of teddies hanging from the trees. The adults entertained themselves playing netball of sorts, while others just spectated, eating cake and drinking tea. Kids played in the sandpit, on the jungle gym, on the trampoline, etc. etc. We had balloons, party packs, cake, cupcakes, tarts....exhausting! Eden was showed with love and gifts and sweets from every side. I hope she felt special, because that is exactly what she is!

Thank you Father for our precious little Eden! What a wonderful gift she has been to us, we cherish her and love her, and promise to continue bringing her up in the way of the LORD! We pray that you would save her and that she would serve you with all of her heart for all of her days!


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