Jesus Loves Me

We had the amazing blessing of having Willem Bronkhorst visit us this morning, through to afternoon. He played his beautiful guitar for us, and sang us some of his own written songs and some arrangements. It was so wonderful to have fellowship with another like minded brother in the Lord and to share our music with him as well.

We hope to have much more fellowship with him in the future!

Another busy week

Last week was yet again another hectic week - we had our end of year council dinner...which would mean the council as well as their partners. This year we did a really low key dinner of simply ordering pizzas - yummy!

We also had our church end of year function. Janet and her helpers decorated the tables and made all the food - (cold meat, rolls, salads)...very delicious...

Aunty Suzie arranged the flowers...beautiful as always...

and Glen and I played the music while sharing our Christian testimony. I trust that it was a blessing to our church, as it was a real blessing to use our music for the building up of the body here at Krugersdorp.

I also thought I'd add in this pic of Stacy as her little bump is growing day by day - I even felt her little one kick just the other day. I really can't wait to meet her...or him...although I'm pretty convinced that it's a her...anyway, either way I can't wait to meet this little blessing from the Lord.

This time of the year is just so full of blessings, even though it is so hectic, we just thank the Lord for His goodness to us over this year, as a family and as a church family. I can't wait to see what God is going to bring across our path next year!

Sunday School end of year function

Every year after the Christmas play the Sunday school hosts an end of year function at the Gilbert's home. This year, it started out really hot, where we were all hoping for a little rain to cool things off, and at the end we were pretty much rained out, but we still had a wonderful time of fellowship and games, giving gifts and laughing together...even though it pretty much took place in the garage - thankfully it was big enough to fit us all in with a squeeze...nothing like getting close hey?

Again, all I can say is that this day was most enjoyable for everyone! Thanks Liliana for and all Sunday School teachers for another successful year - all praise and glory to our King on high!

Sunday School Christmas Play

Here are just a few pictures of the kids getting ready for their end of year Christmas play...

Okay, Hannah wasn't in the play, but she also wanted to be beautified...not that she needs any makeup...oh she is soooo cute!

...and Daniel...well, he also wanted a beard...

Thank you Sunday School for a lovely play to remind everyone what Christmas is really all about: the wonderful gift of God's Son, Jesus Christ to His people for the forgiveness of their sins, and eternal life in Christ. May your Christmas season this year be filled with praises for our King of glory with thankful hearts for all He has done for us! It indeed is ALWAYS a season to be jolly!

Year For Life Graduation

The 'Year For Life' program has finally come to an end, and we are very proud of the four young men that were part of it for the first time; Jacques, Jason, Steve and Vince. Jacques, Jason and Steve, as well as Jacques Botha are all going to study for the ministry next year, and Vince, seen in this picture below, is going to study to be a chef. To show off his potential Vince baked all the cakes and stuff for the fellowship time after the service - thanks Vince, we are looking forward to eating your delicious food for years to come.

Even though Sugar, the popular church cat, wasn't part of YFL, he came to show his support of Vince's cooking by eating some of it before the service, for which he was punished by spending the time locked up in Glen's office - to his utmost disgust. He is seen here in this picture in typical fashion, spread out accross the top of the church stairs waiting for people to make a fuss of him...I tell you, he just loves to be adored!

Below are the books and CDs the guys went though during the year - I am sure that they have grown a heck of a lot! From left to right - Bible Overview, Church History, Systematic Theology, as well as listening to the whole Bible on CD in a year. I know that those that audited the classes have grown so much with just the one subject that they took part in over the year, how awesome to have done all of it. I do hope that future matrics will consider doing this 'Year For Life' as a 'gap' year after school.

Here, a 'cheesy' photo of Glen in the pulpit. I thought I'd put it in as I don't actually have another one like it, and he does have such a sweet face....doesn't he?

Dr. Kevin Roy, pastor of Muldersdrift Union shared a lovely message for us on the evening, and I was blessed to get this picture of him with his glasses on top of his head, which also is a typical Kevin!

Here is of course a silly picture of the YFL'ers and their teachers...

We are so proud of each and every one of you, and look forward as a church to see how God is going to use you all for the extension of His Kingdom.

Still blessed

We have once again received bad news, that there is no more pregnancy. This time it ended a lot sooner than the last two times. Yes, we are sad, but also blessed for two reasons: Firstly that we didn't have to wait long to find out, and can therefore start trying again sooner, and secondly because we know that God is in control and He gives and He takes away, and we will continue to serve Him and praise Him no matter what.

God is good all the time!!!


I haven't updated the blog properly, but am interrupting my silence with this interesting news broadcast - I AM PREGNANT - as you can see with the widget above. We are all excited about this life which God has given us, and we look very much forward to him/her growing big and strong...and hopefully, if God wills, to meeting him or her in 9 months time.

Thank you for all your prayers, we covet your contiuous prayers for this little one.

God is good all the time!