I've got the rythmn...how 'bout you!

Pregnancy in the air....

I love it when the girls dress up as pregnant mommies...it makes me look forward to the day when they have their own families...besides that...it looks really funny!!

Liam meets Jude

During the school holidays we were so blessed to have Liam, Selby and Kelly join us for a day of fun. The kids mostly played outside, when it wasn't time to feed Jude or burp him or something...it was Liam's first time meeting little Jude and by his love and affection, I think he is very glad to finally have a new little boy cousin. Maybe we can add some more boys to the family in the future hey Liam?

Maybe we should try to add some more boys to the family in the future!!

VBS Beginnings

Once again the time of year has come around when we have our annual VBS (Vacation Bible School). As usual the weeks before were filled with much preparation and prayer for this week - and now we are excited to see some new faces as well as some old ones walk through the doors of our church. Our prayer is that every child would come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior as they see how God saved a man who was a hater of Christians - Paul, previously known as Saul of Tarsus.

Boys acting 'cool'

Silvana involved in her first VBS - Praise the Lord!

We are thankful for the 40-50 kids which we have had everyday so far!

Today's glimpse at Wacky Wednesday!

This year's mysterious postman - Crazy Jack - He's crazy 'bout Jesus you see!

Crazy Jack entertaining the kids

Precious Blessings

We had a lovely first day back from Skogheim today. We enjoyed the lovely warm winter's day outside with a braai - which we also plan to do tomorrow (weather permitting - God's will be done).

Eden loving her daddy

Here, Amanda and Rachel got Eden to pose for the photo...'Eden, close your eyes'....so sweet!

Fun on St. Michael's Beach

In our free time at Skogheim we enjoyed some time on the beach. This was our last time - the weather was overcast...it was cold and dreary, and there were hardly any crazy people swimming...but in typical 'Vaalie' fashion, we were there...enjoying the waves!

No...I didn't build these...good guess though...

Eden has always been crazy about water...and so it was no surprise that she absolutely loved the sea...

Amanda and Rachel also couldn't get enough...I don't think that they will ever go deeper than their knees...due to my fear of the sea being well passed onto them... 

Jude and I just 'chilled' on the sand - isn't he a cutie?

Skogheim Blessings

We were so priviledged to attend this year's Skogheim conference. Someone anonomys sponsored our whole family to attend! The speakers this year were Derek Thomas and Brian De Vries. The spiritual food definately parred with the physical food, which was out of this world!

Claire's 18th

Wow...18 already...felt like just yesterday when she came into our lives...

Kids grow up so fast hey?

We celebrated Claire's birthday with the usual early morning coffee and cake (with a song of course)! We thank our Lord for her - the godly young lady that she is and the woman of God she aspires to be! May our Savior continue the good work He has begun in her, and may we continue to be blessed as we watch on as she grows in love and grace from glory to glory!

Fish & Family

As part of my catch up, I am just going to post a few arb pics of the past few weeks...somewhat in order...and somewhat not!

My attempt at a fish plait...

Zoleka and Melissa (part of our church family) came to visit little Jude - amazing how their clothes were color coded...we continue to praise the Lord for His blessings in our lives - blessings of various kinds, cultures and colors!