It hasn't even been a week, and I have already dropped this ball. As much as I would like to be faithful in updating this blog everyday, time just seems to get the better of me. I have tried to take my camera with me, to try and get some pics, but I must say that I am just not used to this yet. Anyway, as you know we went to this lovely place on our Monday off, I loved it so much that I took the girls there again on Wednesday afternoon. There were a few more kids there, all of which spoke only afrikaans. Even though my girls are learning this language, they still found it difficult to communicate. The only thing Rachel risked saying was "Kom! Kom!" The little boy understood and ran after Rachel to do the next activity - very cute!

Earlier in the day (on Wednesday that is) I went outside to catch the girls on their bikes, but there was a little accident, so all I got was a posing session, and a picture of the damage done to Amanda's knee. Ag shame!!

Tonight we are having guests over for supper - What's on the menu?? Well, as you know my first attempt at Lasagne flopped, so I am trying it again tonight, with a little help from Pinky. I am sure that it will turn out much better this time round. And just so that you know Jacqui, I am using your Best Fudgie Brownie recipe to make our delicious-to-be dessert. Hope they are as flop-proof as you said. The way I am going, I need a flop-proof recipe for everything!!

Day Off

As you all know, Monday is our day off as a family. I think today was probably our best day off in a very very long time. We started the day off sleeping in late...which we hardly ever do, so we were lovingly woken up by Amanda at 7:30. After rolling slowly out of bed, we had a relaxed breakfast...well the kids did anyway, we don't really eat breakfast, and then we contemplated what we were going to do today.
By 9:00 we were on our way to 'Plant Land' - well at least I think that's what it's called. Anyway, that was such a wonderful place - they have a huge play area for the kids with all sorts of things for them to enjoy, the best part was that we didn't have to pay for them to play on anything. So the girls played and Glen and I enjoyed a late breakfast and coffee, while doing our favorite thing together - grappeling God's wonderful Word!!! The Lord blessed us so wonderfully, as we happened to get talking with another christian - Glen spoke to him about his daughter and got his number etc, anyway he left, but not before secretly paying for our bill! We were so very blessed at his act of love to us - total strangers. I think that this is the second or third time that it has happened to us since I have been married. Just another way our wonderful God shows us His love!
We had packed the girls bikes in the car in case we found a place for them to ride, and as we left 'Plant Land' we decided that their parking lot, which was really empty, would be a great place for them to enjoy, so that's exactly what they did - they had a really fantastic time!!
So after a relaxing morning, we did our weekly shop and made our way home. The afternoon was spent playing hide and seek, jumping on the trampoline and playing pictionary. Then we watched Charlotte's Web together, a recommended movie by the way, ate supper (Chicken Stir-fry) after the kids had their bath, then ended the day with 'Last thoughts' (our evening devotional time) which we spent looking at the sufferings of Christ. All in all we had a really blessed day, and I give all the praise and glory to our wonderful glorious worthy God! Thank you Father! (Sorry, no photos today)

Awesome, as usual!!

We had such a lovely time with Craig and Lara last night, as usual. We started out the evening chatting, and the kids played their usual games together - they really are the best of friends!

After play time we all ate dinner - lasagne, my first actually, it was okay...just too dry. Two flops in two days...pea soup - too thick, lasagne - too dry. Oh well, I guess practise makes perfect. After supper the kids watched a movie, and we enjoyed sweet fellowship in their fire-heated lounge over a glass of wine. Lovely evening!

Peas and Slippers

Last night's plans for dinner changed, as I had a sudden urge in the afternoon for pea soup. So off I went to go and get some lovely bread and some bacon bits and vienna for the soup. So instead of fish, baked potato and salad, we ended up having this for dinner instead...I must say, it was so delicious, but a tad....or two tads too thick! It was great to have hot soup on such a cold night though.
It has been extremely cold here over the last few days, I just can't seem to get warm! Two nights ago, Glen and I both slept with our slippers on, hoping that our feet would stay warm through the night, and yes, they stayed warm, but it wasn't the best sleep either...terribly uncomfortable...anyway I have found that the only thing that keeps me warm is to have a really hot bath just before bed...ahhh...can't wait!!

Today's school day was really great - Saturday is always a short day for us, but today the girls worked really hard - with happy hearts - and we finished all the work in only 1 hour. At the moment Rachel is learning that God is just and Amada is learning that God is meek and humble. Rachel's highlight today was that I made a flower of dots on her forehead today as I had run out of stars, and she really loves getting her stars for good reading. Amanda's highlight was that she didn't have to do any maths today, and that instead she got to write about her special 'Daddy-Daughter' time which her and Rachel enjoyed on Thursday.

This afternoon we are taking the kids to Jungle Junkies where we are meeting up with Jay-Jay, Melanie and little Rogan, and then we are going to Craig and Lara for supper and our usual Saturday thing...which hasn't been so usual lately.

What's on the menu? LASANGE! Should be good.

We're Back!!!

Hi everybody! As you can see I haven't written on this blog for very, very long, but after careful consideration, I thought that it would be the easiest way for everyone to know what is happening in our lives, and also, I thought it good, even if nobody read this blog, to keep a record of our lives. So thank you Jacqui, for asking me to start up my blog again, and hopefully you will all enjoy reading about our uneventful life. I will try to add pictures as I go, but please note that I am not an avid photographer as my dear friend Lynn on St. Helena Island.

So, as I am sure you all know, Glen recently accepted a call to Krugersdorp Baptist Church. We moved in on the 23rd of June, so we have officially been here for 1 month and 1 day. We really feel at home here! Our new family at Krugersdorp has really embraced us, and made us feel so much part of them, it has really been an easy adjustment. The girls have started their third term at school, and are loving their new garden, and the occasional friend which comes to play. Glen is very busy doing what he loves best, and I am still finding my feet as I am trying to figure out how to structure our lives to be of most value.

Today the girls have "Granny time", where their grannies alternate and do something fun with them. My mom does a different craft with them every week, and my mom-in-law is teaching the girls how to knit. Today is knitting time, so they will have another turn to work on their Barbie scarves, which is the current project.

Tonight we are having Tom and Charlotte over for supper - what's on the menu?? Fish, baked potatoes, and salad, nice and simple!