It hasn't even been a week, and I have already dropped this ball. As much as I would like to be faithful in updating this blog everyday, time just seems to get the better of me. I have tried to take my camera with me, to try and get some pics, but I must say that I am just not used to this yet. Anyway, as you know we went to this lovely place on our Monday off, I loved it so much that I took the girls there again on Wednesday afternoon. There were a few more kids there, all of which spoke only afrikaans. Even though my girls are learning this language, they still found it difficult to communicate. The only thing Rachel risked saying was "Kom! Kom!" The little boy understood and ran after Rachel to do the next activity - very cute!

Earlier in the day (on Wednesday that is) I went outside to catch the girls on their bikes, but there was a little accident, so all I got was a posing session, and a picture of the damage done to Amanda's knee. Ag shame!!

Tonight we are having guests over for supper - What's on the menu?? Well, as you know my first attempt at Lasagne flopped, so I am trying it again tonight, with a little help from Pinky. I am sure that it will turn out much better this time round. And just so that you know Jacqui, I am using your Best Fudgie Brownie recipe to make our delicious-to-be dessert. Hope they are as flop-proof as you said. The way I am going, I need a flop-proof recipe for everything!!


Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Ag shame! It's so great seeing all the pics - don't burn out trying to do a daily blog if it's too much for you - aim at once or twice a week then. I didn't realize that Amanda wears glasses - she looks so lovely with them! Bummer about the flops. Can't be worse than my chicken pie though...

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