Pink Pampered Princesses

A lot has happened in the last few days. One of those things, was getting new beds for the girls. They 'sacrificially' gave up their bunk beds for the trade of getting new 'princess' beds.Being as girly as they are, they were absolutely thrilled when their room was turned (from their point of view) into a room fit for princesses. Here are some pics from before the beds arrived.

Can girls survive without Barbie?

The butterflies on the wall were added on Monday, just giving you an indication of what they spend their pocket money on. They LOVE pretty things!

The angel wings above their beds was my idea, just as a reminder that we have angels watching over us, ministering to us - whatever that actually means...I know it's wonderful!! Those handprints with their names on were made in P.E. during one of their Sunday School classes - I thought it a good idea to show who's bed is who's...well I thought they would like it!
There we go, the end product! Beautiful pink beds, for my papered little princesses!
I think I used the word 'princess' way too often in this post!


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