Two Words...Rolling...Monster

We had such a wonderful day off today - we spent most of it just hanging outside. We had a simple boerewors braai and played on the trampoline. Glen had bought them each a huge chocolate eclair (not sure how to spell that) but even with cream on their faces they look so beautiful!

As you all know, we really enjoy playing games with our girls - sometimes we make up mad games, like 'Guess Song' or 'What's It?' but today we just played good old fashioned Sharades (again, not sure of the spelling)...
...two words...
We had a good time, and a good laugh, especially with me trying to act out 'Robinson Crusoe'

Here's a clip of Glen playing the 'Rolling Monster' game...which has a lot of laughs, but also every now and then some tears - like they say - 'Van lekker lag kom lekker huil'...well at least I've heard something like that before.


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