We've got mail!

The girls were so excited when I told them that I had a special surprise for them - they had received a special e-mail all the way from Australia! Aidan wrote the following:

Dear Amanda and Ray-ray
I love you. I am sad to say goodbye to you because now I live in Oz. Please come visit me.
Love Aidan (and Paige)

The girls were so very blessed and can't wait to write back. Now they have two 'sets' of pen-pals to write to - Caleb and Aaron Clevely and now Aidan and Paige Martin. I really hope that this will be something that they keep up so that they can continue to be good friends and so that they can encourage one another in the Lord!

Lara said that it took him a half an hour to write that e-mail, and she sent the photo to prove it! I am sure that in the near future they are going to need their own e-mail addresses!


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