Sola 5 Ladies Meeting

On Saturday morning I attended the Sola 5 Ladies meeting at Lynnwood Baptist Church. I must say that these meetings are my absolute best! I love getting together with women who love God's Word, who love their husbands and children. It's wonderful to get together every few months and share our lives with each other, pray for each other and encourage one another in the ministry. This is such a vital time for ladies in the ministry as often we just feel so alone.
Judy Stone, Althea Kuyper and Ann Baker from Emmanuel Church (seen above chatting to Velia Button in red) graciously gave me a lift to Pretoria. It was great chatting to them for the hour drive there and back. The trip takes so long because of the highway speed limit only being 80...what a pain!

Wayne Mack's wife, Carol, was our speaker for the day - she spoke on how we could be better helpers to our husbands in the was very helpful...very convicting!

This is Velia Button - her husband Bruce and her and their children are moving to Zambia at the end of September, if all goes well. He will be aiding in the training of pastors through the Sola 5 Theological College (not sure what it's called exactly). She is also using TCE, so she has been a blessing to chat to and get advise from as her children are in high-school and are almost finished. It's great to see her love for the Lord and her dedication to her husband and children. The morning was a huge success and a real blessing. Our next meeting has been scheduled for mid February...I am already looking forward to it!


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