Grill a Christian!

Some of our youth went on the annual 'Power Camp' this weekend, so Glen was asked to lead the youth group on Friday in typical Glen fashion he had an evening for them called "Grill a Christian", where the youth were allowed to ask Glen anything! There were some good questions that were raised like "Why did Jesus not have to go to hell if He took on Himself the sin of all His people?" and "Where do baby's go when they die". Glen absolutely loves youth ministry and so this was a real joy for him.
Above you can see Vince (furtherest away) Jason, and Glen...all with guitars. These two guys are in matric this year, and come to Glen for an informal guitar lesson every week. They are also considering joining 'A year for Life' next year, which is something Glen is starting up as a 'bridging year' for the young people in our church. As you can imagine Glen is really excited at the idea and is enjoying planning it, and these guys are also really excited at the prospect. Please pray that this new Krugersdorp Baptist Church ministry would be an asset to the Kingdom of God and that they would come through more enriched and saturated with God!

This is Kevin...he is a new convert, who has asked to be baptised - Praise the Lord! We are just so excited about what the Lord is doing here!

Every Friday night the youth meet in the 'Youth Pad' which you see above...this is also where the we have our ladies Bible study on a Sunday morning, during the Sunday School time, while Glen meets with the men in his office accross the way.

Amanda and Rachel and I joined the youth in the beginning of the evening for some fun and games - we played 'Black Magic' and some other 'Listen carefully' game...which had us all guessing...Glen and I can't wait to play this one with our friends sometime...just you wait!

We praise God for the youth here at KBC, they are really a blessing, and we pray that God would continue to shape them more and more into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ!


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