Movers & Shakers

On Thursday, the girls and I went to the Martin's home, probably for the last time usual the kids played their imagination games - I think this time it included ships, mosters, magic potion, treasure, books, looked like they were having a great time. I was hit with sudden reality of the fact that all of this was really really real, and that in less than a week our dear friends are moving far, far away. Craig and Lara have truly shaken our world! The Lord blessed us with true friends, who will remain so forever and ever! They have been an inspiration to us, and we have over the years gotten to a point where we really understand each other, and where we can really share openly and freely about what we are going through and our sins...we have encouraged one another and rebuked one another when necessary. We as a family are truly going to miss them and will make every effort to meet up with them along the way on our journey heavenward. I just want to thank the Lord for giving us such wonderful friends!!!

They will have to touch up the paint job on the wall here...for those of you who remember there was a lovely painting on that wall...

Aiden in control of the treasure...of course!

This is actually a picture of Craig and Lara - he is the one on the other side of the phone...calling his love all the way from Australia...look at the love in her eyes!

Isn't she just beautiful? We truly are going to miss watching Aiden and Paige grow up!


Nick and Lynn Clevely said...

Oh man, this post just about had me crying...a little longer and I would be blubbering all over the keyboard. I am so sad for the eight of you having to wrench apart!! The Lord sustain you all tomorrow...

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