Mad Cow

We have been without electricity the whole day today, so the time is 4:30pm and I have only now gotten to my computer. As you can see since yesterday I had been working on giving our blog a new look...I hope you like it! So, there hasn't been much more news from our side, but I will give you a sneak into what we like doing for fun with our kids.

This game Glen and I invented on our way down to P.E. just after we got married. We decided to attempt the 12 hour drive from Jo'burg without any sleep...boy was that tough! Glen wouldn't allow me to sleep on the way, because I had to keep him awake you see...and so we invented this game to try and stay awake - we called it 'Mad Cow Disease'. This game was introduced to the congregation in P.E. and then in Polokwane and now our kids have learnt it. Usually folk aren't that keen to play it, you'll see why, but for our girls it's just the best.

The aim of the game is to do something crazy, which the person following on from you has to copy...and so it goes from one person to the next. No other real point to it, but it's great for a laugh and to keep you awake!

In the second video, pay close attention to Glen's expression as the girls play!


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