Catch up #3

Finally here we are at our actual holiday destination - Seasons Sport and Spa. This was our view from our beautiful, spacious balcony...

...and here you can see what we spent most of our time doing...braaiing....

We didn't really get many photos...which I guess is not such a good thing, not that many memories...however it does show that we were really relaxed...which was a really good thing.

Catch up #2

The second part of our holiday was a visit to Alberton to see my little sister and dad. Here again we enjoyed a braai and a swim, good food and company! Sooo relaxing!


Catch up #1

We started our holiday with some time swimming at Granny Zan and Grandpa Alan's home. Of course Eden had a ball...even though she looks a little frazzled, I think I could' hear her teeth chattering!! Amanda and Rachel (especially Rachel) would literally swim no matter the weather - and even though it looks sunny the water was literally icy!! I didn't stay in long...just long enough to take the pic to prove that I did get it :-)

Grandpa Alan & Granny Zan

Clydie ol' pal

This post is in memory of our adopted pets Bonnie and Clyde who are now both a memory that lives on in our hearts! Our condolences also go to the Martins who were looking forward to seeing Clyde again in their trip to S.A. next year. We are so sorry for your loss!

I can honestly say that Bonnie and Clyde were the best dogs I ever knew!! They will be sorely missed!

Ladies Lunch

This post is really really outdated...this event happened in September, but I had forgotten to add it in, and so here it is:
In September we hosted our first Ladies Lunch since Glen and I have been at Krugersdorp. It was a very well attended lunch, and the ladies were all very excited to be a part of the planning and organizing for the day. Our speaker this year was Beth de Swardt, who did an excellent talk on discipleship - having purpose in our frienships. We were all really challenged and encouraged, and are looking forward to our next Ladies Lunch next September. We also started our Pollyanna Friendship ministry, which seems to be working well - it is ongoing until our next Ladies Lunch, and so we are in for a year of much spoiling and purposeful discipleship.