Last Friday, as usual, we had our time with Mike and Stacey and Jono...he's such a cutie!

I was helping Stacey with some stuff on my computer, and so we put the little ones on the play mat. I didn't get very good pics, but they were so cute. Jono was enjoying the little turtle, and Eden was trying her best to grab hold of him. At one point they were actually holding hands, but I missed it...

Here is a pic of them almost holding hands...

Our little 'Guard-son' is growing up so beautifully...I am blessed to be a part of his life ;-)

Coffee and the Canon

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Amanda's Music Concert

Amanda had a little concert on Tuesday. She played piano and flute. This is a clip of her playing "Tap Dance" on the piano.

During the concert, Eden was so cute...

Unfortunately I was battling to upload Amanda playing "Edelweiss" on the flute. I'll try again another time.

4 months

Eden is 4 months old and as cute as ever. She is really such a joy to us and such a happy little girl. If you look closely you'll see that she has cut her first tooth, and the second one is well on it's way...

I have started her on a little bit of solid food, and she has really taken to it! I think she is going to be a good eater and as you can see her cheeks have filled our really nicely, and so has the rest of her ;-)

She has also started taking toys from me and holding on to them and shaking them like mad - which is her absolute delight. Her favorite toy is her jolly jumper which keeps her happy for about half an hour while I am schooling. She is sleeping through the night beautifully, and has naps at consistent times in the day, which is really a blessing for me with planning my day. She likes to blow bubbles and make all sorts of weird noises - especially when it's food time ;-) She loves staring at the light and when I hold her by the window she looks at everything outside with such excitement and awe. It's such a blessing having a baby in the house again - she is an absolute pleasure, and I am loving starting to see her little personality surfacing!

All things nice

Alan came along for Granny time on Friday, where the girls baked a gluted free chocolate cake - he of course knew what was on the menu, so he came along for the taste. The cake was a success, and even though it didn't taste like ordinary cake, it was lovely. Rachel is of course a huge fan, as she can eat it without feeling sore afterwards - thanks Granny Zan.

This was so cute - while we were having coffee and eating cake, Spice decided to perch herself on Alan's shoulder. Pets are such a blessing from the Lord, they really bring joy to our hearts!


We had some fellowship after church on Sunday (last Sunday actually) and while we were busy Rachel decided to style my hair...this was the outcome. I told her that I would pose for a photo but then it had to come out - just imagine me walking around like that all day!

Now this is a funny one, Glen fell asleep playing his guitar, and I caught it on camera...

I am sure he'll get me back for this one!

Twin Evening

Last week Friday our Sunday School hosted another fun evening. This time we had to be tied together and act out a Bible character for our team to guess. Some of the couples even dressed the same, as seen here...

Vince, Rachelle, and Duncan were the judges for the evening, and personally I think that they did a great job in giving the right people the prizes, although Glen and I didn't win anything, which must have been a mistake somewhere of course!

Amanda and her friend Meg acted as Mary...they also won a prize for best acting, if I recall...

Here Glen and I are acting out Nehemiah...we are on the last part of the name here, I am acting out 'I' and Glen is acting out 'High'...somehow they guessed it

Emiel and Lisa were David...can you see them 'gooiing' that stone with their sling? I love Emiel's concentration...

It was as fun evening indeed with lots of laughs - thanks Sunday School for yet another wonderful fun-filled evening!