4 months

Eden is 4 months old and as cute as ever. She is really such a joy to us and such a happy little girl. If you look closely you'll see that she has cut her first tooth, and the second one is well on it's way...

I have started her on a little bit of solid food, and she has really taken to it! I think she is going to be a good eater and as you can see her cheeks have filled our really nicely, and so has the rest of her ;-)

She has also started taking toys from me and holding on to them and shaking them like mad - which is her absolute delight. Her favorite toy is her jolly jumper which keeps her happy for about half an hour while I am schooling. She is sleeping through the night beautifully, and has naps at consistent times in the day, which is really a blessing for me with planning my day. She likes to blow bubbles and make all sorts of weird noises - especially when it's food time ;-) She loves staring at the light and when I hold her by the window she looks at everything outside with such excitement and awe. It's such a blessing having a baby in the house again - she is an absolute pleasure, and I am loving starting to see her little personality surfacing!


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