Frozen Smoothie

Lara, this is just for you my would be so proud of me! Frozen smoothie for snack - and Eden just loved it! I hope I can keep it up - such high aspirations...(sigh)

Pics of Bonnie and Clyde to follow soon...

Glen & Girls

I am so blessed to have a husband who loves his family so much! He cares so much for his daughters, and they in turn love him to death. They love spending time with him, dancing, hugging, cuddling, just being close, and I pray that that will never change. He definately is the man in all of our lives, and a real gift from the Lord!

Just some lovely pics of the girls on the trampoline the other day...such princesses!

Christmas Play

Thanks to Claire, I have a few pictures of the girls from this year's Christmas play. I had forgotten my camera, but Claire got a few lovely shots of my little angels.

Simon Says...

Guess who's following in Rachel's footsteps...

Official goodbyes

Even though we have had our farewell for the Lears a little while back, they only officially left Krugersdorp yesterday. It was a blessing to see them go, and be flooded with memories of the times we have been called into ministry and the excitement that goes with moving to a new place, meeting new people and in a sense, beginning a new life. Of course we are sad to see them go as well, as we will miss them and the contribution they have made to us as a church family and personally!

Their stuff should arrive at their new home today, and so we will be praying for them as they settle in there and adjust to life in Scottsville. See you guys soon!!!

Our queen has kittens!

I must begin the blog post with an apology to my friends Liz and Debbie. We got our cat from Liz at the beginning of the year and promised her that we would have Spice (Evangeline) spayed when she reache 6 months of age. She had gotten her from the SPCA and this was her agreement with them, which she then asked us to honour. However, when the 6 months came, we just didn't have the means to send her to the vet and we had decided that it would be a really wonderful experience for the girls to see little kittens being born. So here we are almost a year later, and our queen has given birth to three healthy beautiful kittens!

The experience wasn't just awesome for the girls, but Glen and I had never seen a cat giving birth before either, and so when she went into labor, we were absolutely thrilled that we could be there to support and comfort her. The first one came out tail first, which looked really awkward, but when he was finally born, it was just awesome. The two that followed are dark in color like their dad, and are both girls.

She really is a good mommy cat, and we are very proud of her! We praise our God for the blessing of pets, and the lessons we all learned through this experience.

Samuel & Sunday School

Isn't he just beautiful? This is our latest addition to the babies in the church - Samuel Adrian Grobler. He was born on the 1st of November, so he is just a month old, but still oh so small. Here is his proud mommy Lisa.

Amanda & Rachel with Samuel

The Sunday School had their prize giving this last week, and as you can see Lilian wrapped her gifts for the children and teachers and helpers so beautifully, as usual.

This ended another year of Sunday School - thank you to all the teachers and helpers who play such an important role in the lives of the children in our church! We love you guys and are greatful to your service to our God!

Farewell Faithful Friends

Last Saturday we had a wonderful fellowship time at our church year end function. This year we took the opportunity to say farewell to a special couple in our church - the Lears. Both Michael and Stacey have been in the church for many many years, and so leaving is a big step for them, where they are sure to experience many blessings and challenges. Little Jono is probably a bit unawares of the changes happening around him, but we entrust them all into the loving, all-powerful, all-comforting hands of our LORD. We trust that Scottsville Baptist will be blessed with their ministry and friendship and that Scottsville will in turn be a blessing to them.

We will miss you guys and be praying for you much!