See anything strange about this rose?....Aha! You've spotted it, it has strange blue coloring around the petals.

After helping Auntie Suzie with the flower arrangement for church, this rose broke off. The girls decided to bless me with it, and I then thankfully put it in this glass to add beauty to my kitchen. A few days later I saw that the water was blue, and Amanda informed me that she had read somewhere about this experiment, where we could see how the water moved up the stem and into the rest of the flower...after a few days, the petals, stem and sepals have this blue coloring...quite fascinating!

I think I'll leave it for a few more days to see if the color spreads any more...

Braiding Hair

Amanda and Rachel have been begging me to braid their hair for the past few days...not because they like the braids so much, but because they like what it looks like when they take them out. So I diligently did my motherly duty and braided their hair. I think I did a total of 24 braids (if that many) and my hands were cramping. I take my hat off to those who do those small braids on African people's hair. It takes hours...I know that, but their hands must be so strong! Wow, this was hard work! Anyway, the girls were chuffed...I just hope they don't ask me to do this too often!

Easter Pops & Goodbye

The one home industry shop asked us to supply them with Easter brownie pops. I don't know what they had in mind, probably bunny ears, or egg shaped pops, but we decided on the following...

...we'll have to see how they sell!

We sadly had to say goodbye to Debbie on Saturday. She was with us for over two weeks, and was just such a joy to have around, as usual. She helped me with schooling and with keeping Eden busy. I did have a picture of her pulling a face...which Amanda took, but she begged me not to put it in, so I have added this one instead....much better!


Last week Saturday we went to the Grobler's for a braai. As usual Amanda, Rachel and Leah played beautifully together...this time however they surprised us with a song, which they literally worked on all afternoon. They wrote it together and then sang it to us just before we went home. We were so blessed to see their hearts for God. The original 'manuscript' is seen above...so cute. The words are as follows:

We Praise the Lord

Here we lift our praises, while we're 'round the fire.
Lifting up our hands as we praise the Lord.
We will sing and we'll lift our voices.
We will praise the Lord with all our hearts and never cease.

We will share just like God shared His love with us.
We will act like Jesus did.
We will pray for the sick, we will feed the poor,
and witness to those that have not heard the Savior's name.

Written by Amanda Thompson, Rachel Thompson & Leah Grober

Debbie and the Middle Ages

Once again we have been blessed to have Debbie come and stay with us for a little while. The last time she was here we had just gotten Eden, so it was probably a year ago. While I am on that topic I must let you know that we are patiently waiting for our new little girl, Shyann. We don't know when she will be arriving - we are hoping it will be soon. Maybe Debbie will get to meet her before she goes back to Polokwane.

Last week Friday we had our first 'Middle Ages' meeting. I know the name sounds horrible, I think almost everyone hates the name, but Glen is persistent in calling it that, because his sub-title is - 'Making sure they don't become the Dark Ages'. Anyway, the group is for those between the ages of 30 and 60, and we are really seeking to discuss issues that are relevant to us in these middle ages of our lives. We discussed what topics those should be and found that there are many difficult issues that we face in this crucial time in our lives. We will be meeting once a month for this time and we trust that God will use it to better equip us to be more effective for His Kingdom and also that He will use it to bring us closer together as a church!

P.S. The picture of Jeremy above is in especially because he said that I never post any of his pictures...so here you are - Jeremy grinning happily :-)

Booming Brownies

Glen and I have had an idea for a while to teach the girls about business this year, small scale of course, but in a way that would be practical for their futures. The initial idea was to sell moulded chocolates from home industry shops...which was later improved on, through a friends helpful idea of something not so common, yet fun to make...brownie pops. The problem was however that I just didn't have the time to spend an afternoon making them with the girls, teaching them and myself actually doing most of the work while they are still learning...that is where Zani - this year's Year For Lifer - has stepped in to help. Every Thursday afternoon she aids our girls in their brownie pop business. This week was the first week where they made a full batch of 30 pops, which are actually good enough to sell. 

We have been instructed through a wise knowledgable friend - Juliette - to make sure that we use gloves and hair nets as we are dealing with food, and so we are really going all out to make our product the best it can be.

So there you go, our first proper batch of brownie pops! Hopefully they will sell well and the girls will actually make a profit! The idea is that in the future they would even begin to make brownie pop cakes for birthday parties or baby showers etc. Instead of a piece of cake, have a brownie pop! Let's see how this unfolds in the future...any orders?