Last week Saturday we went to the Grobler's for a braai. As usual Amanda, Rachel and Leah played beautifully together...this time however they surprised us with a song, which they literally worked on all afternoon. They wrote it together and then sang it to us just before we went home. We were so blessed to see their hearts for God. The original 'manuscript' is seen above...so cute. The words are as follows:

We Praise the Lord

Here we lift our praises, while we're 'round the fire.
Lifting up our hands as we praise the Lord.
We will sing and we'll lift our voices.
We will praise the Lord with all our hearts and never cease.

We will share just like God shared His love with us.
We will act like Jesus did.
We will pray for the sick, we will feed the poor,
and witness to those that have not heard the Savior's name.

Written by Amanda Thompson, Rachel Thompson & Leah Grober


Thompson said...

WIERD WITH BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD SPELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i love the lyrics!

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