Booming Brownies

Glen and I have had an idea for a while to teach the girls about business this year, small scale of course, but in a way that would be practical for their futures. The initial idea was to sell moulded chocolates from home industry shops...which was later improved on, through a friends helpful idea of something not so common, yet fun to make...brownie pops. The problem was however that I just didn't have the time to spend an afternoon making them with the girls, teaching them and myself actually doing most of the work while they are still learning...that is where Zani - this year's Year For Lifer - has stepped in to help. Every Thursday afternoon she aids our girls in their brownie pop business. This week was the first week where they made a full batch of 30 pops, which are actually good enough to sell. 

We have been instructed through a wise knowledgable friend - Juliette - to make sure that we use gloves and hair nets as we are dealing with food, and so we are really going all out to make our product the best it can be.

So there you go, our first proper batch of brownie pops! Hopefully they will sell well and the girls will actually make a profit! The idea is that in the future they would even begin to make brownie pop cakes for birthday parties or baby showers etc. Instead of a piece of cake, have a brownie pop! Let's see how this unfolds in the future...any orders?


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