Debbie and the Middle Ages

Once again we have been blessed to have Debbie come and stay with us for a little while. The last time she was here we had just gotten Eden, so it was probably a year ago. While I am on that topic I must let you know that we are patiently waiting for our new little girl, Shyann. We don't know when she will be arriving - we are hoping it will be soon. Maybe Debbie will get to meet her before she goes back to Polokwane.

Last week Friday we had our first 'Middle Ages' meeting. I know the name sounds horrible, I think almost everyone hates the name, but Glen is persistent in calling it that, because his sub-title is - 'Making sure they don't become the Dark Ages'. Anyway, the group is for those between the ages of 30 and 60, and we are really seeking to discuss issues that are relevant to us in these middle ages of our lives. We discussed what topics those should be and found that there are many difficult issues that we face in this crucial time in our lives. We will be meeting once a month for this time and we trust that God will use it to better equip us to be more effective for His Kingdom and also that He will use it to bring us closer together as a church!

P.S. The picture of Jeremy above is in especially because he said that I never post any of his here you are - Jeremy grinning happily :-)


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