What a special day!

Saturday was a hectic day - we had a wonderful celebration at the church in the afternoon - a wedding actually! The whole church got involved in organizing this one as it was a quick wedding planned to honour God. The couple were truly lovely, unfortunatly I don't have any pics as I was filming the big day, but for such a quick wedding, it really turned out lovely. I love seeing the church come together - Krugersdorp really felt like a lovely family - Praise the Lord!

After the wedding we had our last session of 'Sheperding a child's heart' and then in the evening we were invited to go to Rachelle's place to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Don't ask me what Jacques was trying to do, but he asked me to take this picture of him...crazy guy - I think that he was enjoying himself.

Glen looking oh so handsome!!!

Vince and Jason playing rough in the pool...

All the boys and a girl watching the rugby - don't ask me who won, I don't even know who was playing, neither do I care!

Rachelle and the little love of her life...little Rogie, her big love was watching the rugby.
Happy Birthday for Friday Rachelle!!!


Once again the Sunday school had a fun evening, this time they had to come dressed up as pirates...the girls once again had a blast - we decided not to dress up for this one but rather to be the lame 'land-lovers'.

Amanda won the prize for the best girl pirate!

Mike in my opinion was the best pirate - he had the accent down, and his costume also was very convincing. He gave an excellent teaching on 'treasure', which challenged the kids to value Christ above all else. Good stuff!

Jason and Natasha were definately the best dressed couple for the evening!

And Debbie, definately the scariest!
*How do you know if you're a pirate?*
*You just aaaarrrrr!*

Ray-Ray's Big Day

Yes, Rachel is 6 years old today. She has patiently been counting down the days since Amanda's birthday, and was really glad that her special day finally arrived.

After opening the pressies, the boys played High School Musical 3 (Rache's birthday gift from us) with the girls, this is one of the funnies - Steve dancing to his favorite tune...it really was a laugh!

Sugar Mommy

As you know, on a Monday, we take the dogs for a walk. Today a very strange thing happened; Bonnie seemed very concerned when we were leaving, she didn't want to walk, just sat there, and then when she did move she almost insisted on going back home. Eventually we persuaded her to come along. Very confused at her almost concerned behavior, Glen and I discussed the matter on our walk, and then realised that she was probably hearing Sugar, our little kitten, crying in the house. He does this when he is left alone - shame. We knew that Bonny loved Sugar, as she plays with him so beautifully and really treats him like her own, but today we realized her love for him even more.

We needed to take Sugar for his injections and his de-worming today, and while at the vet, asked whether cats can be led on a lead for a walk. The vet said that Siamese in particular actually like going for walks and can be led on a lead...so we have gotten Sugar a little harnes with a lead and will try taking him for a walk with Bonnie and Clyde next week - hopefully this will be more acceptable for Bon-Bon - she really is a 'Sugar Mommy'.

Wonderful fellowship

Ivan and Jane Martin came to visit us today. As you can guess they are Craig's folks - we always have such great fellowship with them. They phoned us yesterday to see if they could pop in for the morning service and then for tea (actually coffee) and cake (which they graciously provided). I think that they enjoyed seeing Bonnie and Clyde, and they also seemed to enjoy our new addition, Sugar.

It really is wonderful to have friends who's kids our our friends...amazing how the unity in Christ binds us together, no matter what age or background. We praise God for their ministry and for the love of Christ that they portray, they truly are an example to us!

Mongolian Braai

Yesterday we had our Christmas year-end function, (more than a month early). I had the pleasure of helping Debbie set up the hall. She had gone all out - she made little key rings for each table, which was decorated with very colorful organza settings, jelly beans, paper lanters and chop-sticks. The idea was that everyone had to eat with the sticks provided, but they could make a donation to get proper knives and forks.

I just added this photo in, because it's not the normal thing for me to be on this side of the camera. The young girl with me is Cerilee, one of the youth of our church who also attends the ladies Bible study - a real blessing in my life!

LP Louw ministered to us in song, as he is releasing his first album mentioned a few posts down. His whole family was with him, even though his wife had just had a little girl 4 days ago. We had the blessing of meeting little Rachel, who even though she was so 'little' was born weighing 4.1kg...again, as mentioned before, they truly are a living testimony! Of course, I have been hit with a sever case of broodiness once again...

It was truly a festive evening of much fellowship and food. How good it is to be with the people of God!

Makeup Artist?

The girls got these makeup artist kits, to learn how to do makeup and just have loads of fun. The makeup is really paint, and the idea is that they practice on the 2D faces, and then move onto the 3D faces. So far I think they are doing really well...considering that this is the first time that they are doing anything like this...you be the judge...

Very mod don't you think?

This one just got out of bed (according to Amanda) hence the droopy looking eyes and untidy hair.

This was Rachel's first attempt - I helped her with the hair...will put on the 3D pics when they have improved on these a bit. The girls are having a ball, and that's all that matters...I don't think that they are aiming at becoming the next famous makup artists...do you even get famous makup artists?

The Big Day

Phew! What a day! Cake, candles, flowers, balloons, jumping castle, sweeties, cooldrink, chips, hotdogs, jelly, games, prizes, kids, presents and lots and lots of HEAT! A recipe for a wonderful, exhausting party!

To Amanda and Rachel's other special friends who were too far away to come but who would definately have been invited had location been different...Caleb, Aaron, Aidan, Zachary, Danica, Lila and Paige, we MISSED YOU very much and would have loved you to be here to celebrate with us! We love you lots!

Party Preparations

Parties always take a bit of a back seat for me - I am not really the type of mom that spends months and months preparing for them...when that time of the year comes around I start to plan in complete panic mode - this year I tried to put a bit more planning into it, although, I must say that I do like things to stay simple.

One of the first things I did was decided on a theme. The girls were very clear as to what they would like, and so Barbie was the lady of the hour. Knowing that they would like a cake that actually resembled a Barbie, I decided to ask Auntie Suzie, a lovely lady in our congregation to make it for me. She was such a blessing, and literally put in hours of planning and baking and icing...and whatever else goes into making a masterpiece.

Not only did she bless the girls with this beautiful cake, but she also arranged beautiful rose trees and a beautiful bouquet for them in their party colours - pink and orange. Just another example of how loving and caring our congregation here at Krugersdorp Baptist is!!!

Thank you Auntie Suzie again for all your love and hard work!

Unfortunately the day before the big day, Rachel got an eye infection. I seem to remember her getting the same thing around the same time last year...will need to do some more investigating what the cause of these eye problems could be.

Spurgeon's Fraternal

The reason I haven't blogged for the past few days is that I didn't have the camera accessible, and well, I just dropped the ball again I guess...anyway, here are some pics from the Spurgeon's Fraternal that Glen attended from Monday to Wednesday this week. Glen would be able to name all these pastor's but for the most past they are just faces for me.

Glen had a really great time grappling issues and sharing about various ministries, I could tell that he had a really great time. I was pleased to see many young solid men, and just praise God for the continual handing on of those precious truths which we love so much.

Here the men are on the ferry which took them to JU island at the Vaal river.

As you can see, the men all bunked together - apparently there was a lot of snoring going on, and Glen found out that he too was a culprit! (He didn't have me to ask him to turn over in the middle of the night.)

As you can see, JU Island is a peaceful little place, the needed venue for a get-together of fellow ministers who are in much need of encouragement and rest.

Living Testimony

We had the priviledge of having LP and Jackie Louw with us for Sunday lunch. LP is a young singer who has just cut his first CD. LP and Jackie have been married for 3 years and have such a testimony. In these three years they have had one little girl (Grace), have another little one on the way (don't know if it's a boy or a girl) and they are fostering two children. One is 12 years old (Leah) and the other little one is 2 (Nicky). This young family is truly living by faith and is an example to us all. It was great talking to them about adoption options as well as music and ministry in general. They used to fellowship here at Krugersdorp, but have moved onto a plot about an hour and a half away to start a children's home. We are excited to see what God is going to do with this family.

Keep your eyes peeled for his album entitled "Enigste Gebed".