Spurgeon's Fraternal

The reason I haven't blogged for the past few days is that I didn't have the camera accessible, and well, I just dropped the ball again I guess...anyway, here are some pics from the Spurgeon's Fraternal that Glen attended from Monday to Wednesday this week. Glen would be able to name all these pastor's but for the most past they are just faces for me.

Glen had a really great time grappling issues and sharing about various ministries, I could tell that he had a really great time. I was pleased to see many young solid men, and just praise God for the continual handing on of those precious truths which we love so much.

Here the men are on the ferry which took them to JU island at the Vaal river.

As you can see, the men all bunked together - apparently there was a lot of snoring going on, and Glen found out that he too was a culprit! (He didn't have me to ask him to turn over in the middle of the night.)

As you can see, JU Island is a peaceful little place, the needed venue for a get-together of fellow ministers who are in much need of encouragement and rest.


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