Party Preparations

Parties always take a bit of a back seat for me - I am not really the type of mom that spends months and months preparing for them...when that time of the year comes around I start to plan in complete panic mode - this year I tried to put a bit more planning into it, although, I must say that I do like things to stay simple.

One of the first things I did was decided on a theme. The girls were very clear as to what they would like, and so Barbie was the lady of the hour. Knowing that they would like a cake that actually resembled a Barbie, I decided to ask Auntie Suzie, a lovely lady in our congregation to make it for me. She was such a blessing, and literally put in hours of planning and baking and icing...and whatever else goes into making a masterpiece.

Not only did she bless the girls with this beautiful cake, but she also arranged beautiful rose trees and a beautiful bouquet for them in their party colours - pink and orange. Just another example of how loving and caring our congregation here at Krugersdorp Baptist is!!!

Thank you Auntie Suzie again for all your love and hard work!

Unfortunately the day before the big day, Rachel got an eye infection. I seem to remember her getting the same thing around the same time last year...will need to do some more investigating what the cause of these eye problems could be.


Debbie said...

Oops!!! Had I read further down, I would have seen that Auntie Suzie made the cake, she did an excellent job!

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