Sugar Mommy

As you know, on a Monday, we take the dogs for a walk. Today a very strange thing happened; Bonnie seemed very concerned when we were leaving, she didn't want to walk, just sat there, and then when she did move she almost insisted on going back home. Eventually we persuaded her to come along. Very confused at her almost concerned behavior, Glen and I discussed the matter on our walk, and then realised that she was probably hearing Sugar, our little kitten, crying in the house. He does this when he is left alone - shame. We knew that Bonny loved Sugar, as she plays with him so beautifully and really treats him like her own, but today we realized her love for him even more.

We needed to take Sugar for his injections and his de-worming today, and while at the vet, asked whether cats can be led on a lead for a walk. The vet said that Siamese in particular actually like going for walks and can be led on a we have gotten Sugar a little harnes with a lead and will try taking him for a walk with Bonnie and Clyde next week - hopefully this will be more acceptable for Bon-Bon - she really is a 'Sugar Mommy'.


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