What a special day!

Saturday was a hectic day - we had a wonderful celebration at the church in the afternoon - a wedding actually! The whole church got involved in organizing this one as it was a quick wedding planned to honour God. The couple were truly lovely, unfortunatly I don't have any pics as I was filming the big day, but for such a quick wedding, it really turned out lovely. I love seeing the church come together - Krugersdorp really felt like a lovely family - Praise the Lord!

After the wedding we had our last session of 'Sheperding a child's heart' and then in the evening we were invited to go to Rachelle's place to celebrate her 25th birthday.

Don't ask me what Jacques was trying to do, but he asked me to take this picture of him...crazy guy - I think that he was enjoying himself.

Glen looking oh so handsome!!!

Vince and Jason playing rough in the pool...

All the boys and a girl watching the rugby - don't ask me who won, I don't even know who was playing, neither do I care!

Rachelle and the little love of her life...little Rogie, her big love was watching the rugby.
Happy Birthday for Friday Rachelle!!!


The Martin Family Blog said...

Oh forlorn - the Thompson pensive look. What stubble. What jawline - oh so handsome !!!! Buddy - you look a little older, maturer - what were you thinking when this photo was taken.

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