Little Conservationists

Yesterday the girls found four dead birds in our garden. They picked them up (with a spade) put them in a packet and after naming them and hugging the packet threw them away in the bin. The girls were really sad about these little birdies, and decided that they were going to stop this from ever happening again...and so their mission for the day was to find out as much as they could about different animals and to set up an animal sanctuary. They thought of tying a net accross the garden to catch any falling birds, but soon found this to be an impossible task.

Here they are, in the sactuary square, with all their research material (every animal book they could find from their bookshelf) in the tree. Rachel was listening intently as Amanda read interesting facts from various books.

They also said that from now on they were going to use their pocket money to buy food for God's creatures instead of buying things for themselves. (I don't think that this will actually happen, but they were really serious at the time) Too precious!!!


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