So good to chat!

As you know our friends Craig and Lara emigrated to Australia a couple of months ago. It was really hard when they left, but I must say that it is harder now that some time has passed...I think it's the reality of it all that is hitting us all. The girls really miss their best friends, and so when they heard that I was phoning Lara, they immediately asked if they could chat to Aidan and Paige - this has totally made their day.

As for me, it was so great to chat to Lara for three quarters of an hour and just catch up as it were - we are sooooo looking forward to seeing them towards then end of next year when they plan to come and visit SA!!!

It truly is wonderful to have such extremely awesome friends - this is once in a lifetime stuff, for which I am truly thankful!

The reality of missing friends and having to say goodbye often in this life is ordained I believe to make us long even more for heaven when we will have the best fellowship with our true family forever and ever and ever and ever and ever....Hallelujah for the hope we have even in this difficult time - thanks Lara for this reminder!


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