Don't let the bed bugs bite!

Eeeeeek!!! We have these critters living in our bedroom!!! I can tell you that both Glen and I were absolutely mortified to find these things living on our mattress and in the base of our mattress. Not only have they been living on our bed, but they have been feasting on Glen for the past few weeks....yes, literally sucking his blood every night while he sleeps.

He had been complaining about these bumps on his arms etc, which were very itchy...we thought that it might have been from fleas that Sugar had when we got him. The problem however never went away, and always seemed worse after a good night's sleep. I just couldn't figure it out...and then we discovered these BED BUGS!!! The confusing thing for us was that I was not getting bitten, only Glen was, and so this just led me to think that it was an allergic reaction to something...however the reason why only he was bitten was because (as further research explained) whoever is the first one to be bitten becomes the host...and they feed like pack animals, so they would literally crawl over me to get to their host - Glen. Isn't that just freaky!!! So anyway, we had the exterminators here today to get rid of them, and they then have to come in another five weeks, just to make sure that they get rid of them completely...apparently there has been a bit of an epidemic in the area, and they are apparently really easy to beware!!!

That's all from me...oh and...night night, DON'T LET THE BED BUGS BITE!!!


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