Play Dough

The kids have been begging me to make play dough, and today, I finally decided that I should at least check if I had all the ingredients...for that I needed a recipe, and so I googled an easy one, which to my surprise worked like an absolute bomb. The last one I had you had to cook the was good dough, but a mission to make - this recipe was much easier and just as nice if not better.

Uncooked Play Dough
2 cups of plain flour
4 tablespoons of 'cream of tartar'
2 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 cup of salt
2 cups of boiling water
food colouring

*Just pop it all in a mixing bowl and mix!
*It looks as though it is not going to mix well at first but hang in there and throw it onto the bench to knead, and it will come together really nicely.


Chilly said...

Hey - I'm so glad I have friends with kids! Have you heard of a game called Rapidough? We got it but the some of the dough was really crummy and so will need to make our own dough next time we play - now i have a recommended recipe! :)

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