Little Musician in the making

This clip was taken during Glen's special time with Amanda...this is just her making up her own piece on the spot - I thought it was quite musical - she definately has the talent! I guess those music lessons are starting to pay off! Enjoy!

Photo Shoot

We recently went to a photo shoot which my sisters gave to us as a gift. It was a really enjoyable hour in a white room, in front of a very big umbrella, light and camera. The kids were made to feel like princesses, and Glen and I were urged to REALLY smile...

I must say that I would do this kind of family shoot again any day - the pictures are a real treasure! Thanks Sis and Big Sis for this special gift!!!

Baptismal Service

We were blessed this Lord's Day to witness three baptisms. Ryan, Fleur, and Douglas proclaimed their love for Jesus in their visual presentation of being united with Christ in His death and resurrection. So it is no longer Ryan, Fleur or Douglas who lives, but Christ who lives in them, not because of their baptism, that is simply a sign, but because Christ has saved them!

When Eden is awake at church it is very seldom that I hold her. She is passed from one 'aunty' to another - we have been blessed with so many brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers in Christ!

I just LOVE the church!


Just some chilled pics on the couch the other day...if you look closely at the second pic, you'll see Eden giving a nice smile, unfortunately Rachel's head got a in the way...

Making Eden smile is one of the girl's favorite things to do...but like all children, they don't always do what they should when you want them are some attempted smiles...

Beaumont Fun

Brett Beaumont and his lovely wife Suzie visited our church a few weeks ago. Brett is a friend of Glen from primary school days. We have enjoyed having them and their children (Tyler and Jasmine) over for supper and are looking forward to much fellowship with them in the future.

After Mike's ordination service, Amanda got hold of the camera, and was taking some pics of the kids playing...these are some of the clearer photos...most of them were a crazy blur.



and Tyler.

Elder Mike

Forgive the shabby blogging at the moment, I know that those with little ones will understand why this is the case...anyway, just a quick pic to show Mike being officially ordained as an elder in our church. God is gracious to us to give us a godly young man with lots of vision, passion and wisdom...