Debs & Beds

Debbie, our very good friend from Polokwane came to visit us this weekend. We had a really relaxed time, and didn't get up to much mischief this time round. We are so priviledged to have her come and stay with us on the rare occassion, she is really such a part of our family.

Unfortunately we had two sick puppies - Amanda, and Debbie - they both ended up sniffing and coughing and sneezing and get the picture. I snuck a picture of Amanda in 'shamepies' man!

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce Pinky to you, she is my wonderful helper, who lives here with us full time. She is such a blessing from the Lord to us as a family. She went to Natal this weekend to fetch Mphilo, her 4 year old son. We have arranged, by God's grace, that he can stay with her instead of with her sister. We are so blessed that she can raise him herself, and that he will also be part of our household and also that he will be another friend to Amanda and Rachel. Thank you heavenly Father!
This morning Glen and I had to put up the bunk beds in Pinky's room...let me tell you, that was no small job. But by God's grace and not too much sinning Glen managed to somehow put them together...I love seeing him with a drill in his's quite funny actually. So anyway, by mid-morning we were done and ready to enjoy our day off together. Pinky and Mphilo arrived late this evening, and so I don't have a picture of him today, but I will be sure to post one thing I can tell you is that he is a beautiful little boy, and he looks just like his mommy!


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