Rock Climbing Ballerinas

I just love springtime...and this year it's even more special because our wintery garden is starting to blossom and bloom, so we are discovering day by day how beautiful this place really problem though, we seem to have a lot of fruit trees in our garden. At the moment I am guessing that I have peaches, apricots and maybe even plums. I am NOT going to be making jam or anything of the sort, but I guess it will be nice to share the fruit we get with the congregation, if the fruit is good that is...we'll have to see.

Amanda and Rachel were playing dress up today on their favorite rock...well they didn't get dressed on the rock but they were playing on the rock, all dressed know what I mean...

Amanda always goes for the sweet poses...

and Rachel...well....

Daddy's girl through and through!


Here's Rachel climbing her favorite rock in our back garden, in her ballet shoes...sorry that the video is on it's side, I didn't realise that I was holding the camera like the girls would say..."Silly Mom!"


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