Peas and Slippers

Last night's plans for dinner changed, as I had a sudden urge in the afternoon for pea soup. So off I went to go and get some lovely bread and some bacon bits and vienna for the soup. So instead of fish, baked potato and salad, we ended up having this for dinner instead...I must say, it was so delicious, but a tad....or two tads too thick! It was great to have hot soup on such a cold night though.
It has been extremely cold here over the last few days, I just can't seem to get warm! Two nights ago, Glen and I both slept with our slippers on, hoping that our feet would stay warm through the night, and yes, they stayed warm, but it wasn't the best sleep either...terribly uncomfortable...anyway I have found that the only thing that keeps me warm is to have a really hot bath just before bed...ahhh...can't wait!!

Today's school day was really great - Saturday is always a short day for us, but today the girls worked really hard - with happy hearts - and we finished all the work in only 1 hour. At the moment Rachel is learning that God is just and Amada is learning that God is meek and humble. Rachel's highlight today was that I made a flower of dots on her forehead today as I had run out of stars, and she really loves getting her stars for good reading. Amanda's highlight was that she didn't have to do any maths today, and that instead she got to write about her special 'Daddy-Daughter' time which her and Rachel enjoyed on Thursday.

This afternoon we are taking the kids to Jungle Junkies where we are meeting up with Jay-Jay, Melanie and little Rogan, and then we are going to Craig and Lara for supper and our usual Saturday thing...which hasn't been so usual lately.

What's on the menu? LASANGE! Should be good.


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