Another busy week

Last week was yet again another hectic week - we had our end of year council dinner...which would mean the council as well as their partners. This year we did a really low key dinner of simply ordering pizzas - yummy!

We also had our church end of year function. Janet and her helpers decorated the tables and made all the food - (cold meat, rolls, salads)...very delicious...

Aunty Suzie arranged the flowers...beautiful as always...

and Glen and I played the music while sharing our Christian testimony. I trust that it was a blessing to our church, as it was a real blessing to use our music for the building up of the body here at Krugersdorp.

I also thought I'd add in this pic of Stacy as her little bump is growing day by day - I even felt her little one kick just the other day. I really can't wait to meet her...or him...although I'm pretty convinced that it's a her...anyway, either way I can't wait to meet this little blessing from the Lord.

This time of the year is just so full of blessings, even though it is so hectic, we just thank the Lord for His goodness to us over this year, as a family and as a church family. I can't wait to see what God is going to bring across our path next year!


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